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"Did That Sting Your Pretty Little Ass?"~ Extended Preview

I'm easing off the marathon of posting every single day and gave myself a day off yesterday. But today I am back and very excited to share an excerpt from a brand new author with a brand new book! Alexis Alvarez is here sharing an extended excerpt from her new book Return. I thought about cutting it down, but the whole thing is yum-worthy, so here you go!

Finally the door opened and there he was, standing in front of her, as gorgeous as ever. When he saw her, he smiled.
“I like you here in my bedroom,” Damián told her in a low voice, his eyes glittering in the lamp light. “Even though, once again, you didn’t follow directions.” He wrinkled his brow. “You showered?” He glanced toward the bathroom door. A moist humidity wafted out, carrying the smell of masculine shower gel and shampoo. 
“You might not have enjoyed the ten pounds of dirty sweat I had on, Sherlock,” said Ava, standing up and stretching her arms high, allowing the robe to skim the top of her thighs. She let the backs of her wrists touch and posed her fingers before drifting her arms downward.
Damián sucked in his breath, smiled and shook his head. “Dirty is fine, Ava—I just want you here, ready to fuck. But since you showered, I’ll match. Give me five minutes.” He strode past her, taking off his shirt. Ava peeked up through her lashes and sucked in her breath at his muscled chest. He looked back at her. “Ava?”
“I distinctly told you to be kneeling. It’s almost like you’re asking for punishment.” His voice rolled over her like a caress, and he gestured to his belt. “I’m more than happy to oblige.”
Ava flushed, didn’t answer. 
“When I finish my shower? The first thing I want to see is you, on your knees. Or I’ll double what I had planned.”
He winked, disappeared, and the sound of rushing rain roared from the showerhead. Ava ditched the robe and picked up a random book from his nightstand.
The shower seemed to go on for hours and then he came out on a drift of citrus sandalwood steam, unzipped jeans showing his abs and chest, rubbing his hair with a towel. 
Ava was ready to play.
He tossed the towel to the bed and stopped short when he saw her in the chair. Ava sat with her legs crossed, lips red and pouting, finger tracing a line down the page of her book. 
A muscle in his jaw clenched and he crossed his arms, and a dangerous smile played on his lips. “I see that you are completely unable to obey my instructions, querida,” he told her. 
Ava slid one leg down inch by inch, until both thighs were together, her toes pointed, touching the floor. She set aside her book, arched her back, and put her hands into her hair to shake out her curls. While she re-crossed her legs, she ran her hands down the sides of her chest, fingers lingering on her breasts, and shot him a smile. She licked her top lip, making the wet crimson lipstick gleam in the low light. 
“Your instructions…” she paused, rubbing circles over her nipples, skimming them with her fingertips, “were so dirty. You’ll have to work harder to convince me to wait in such a naughty pose.” She glanced at him, giving a slight moan as she ran her hands up and down her chest, then lowered them, teasing, toward the V of her thighs. She let her fingers dip between her legs.
Damián’s entire body was taut, his eyes locked onto her. Ava saw that he was hard through his jeans. She was on stage, performing for a private audience of one, and she loved the thrill of power.
She made a breathy sound and worked her fingers over her slick skin. “You took so long in the shower, Damián, that I had to amuse myself. And I’m very good at… amusing.” She wiggled to allow her hands better access, and pushed one finger inside her body. “I had to get myself wet. Now that makes me very disappointed.” She rubbed herself with growing enthusiasm. “Mmm… so nice and tight. Soaked, really. Sorry you had to miss it.”
Damián sucked in a breath, took a step forward, and arrested himself.
Ava continued in a haughty voice, “Since I was alone for so long, I had to move on to other activities. I’m very involved in this book. So perhaps you’ll just have to go amuse yourself.” She lifted one hand from her lap to her lips. While his dark eyes burned at her, she slowly opened her mouth, inserted her index finger, and sucked it. “And I taste divine,” she told him. “Why don’t you think about that while I reread my favorite chapter from,” she took a quick look at the book on the nightstand, “101 Strategies for Sole-Proprietorship Start-Ups.
He made a growling noise in his throat and his whole body seemed to vibrate with pent-up energy. His eyes burned with an intensity that was almost feral, and she couldn’t stop a small, satisfied smile from stealing over her lips.
Ava picked up the book and opened to a random page, pretending to read. Her heart was beating so ferociously that she could hear her pulse in her ears. The words were tiny hieroglyphs dancing around, drunken ants swirling on the white page. 
Her whole body wanted to lean toward him; she felt a craving in her core, a crazed fascination that was increasing moment by moment as he stood there, tall, muscular, all dark planes and eyes, so very sexy. His dark gaze sent her stomach fluttering like papers in the wind. She kept her eyes on the illegible symbols, and in a flash, success. He was at her side with a few strong strides. Ava could smell his masculine heat as he stood, legs wide, arms again crossed, beside her.
His voice was low and stern. “Tell me, Ava, what exactly does it mean to you to be submissive?” 
Ava just shook her head and nodded at her book, keeping her eyes trained on the page. “Busy, Damián,” she said in a distracted voice, giving him a little dismissive wave with the fingers of her right hand.
Damián trailed one index finger up her shoulder and neck, the lightest touch, and Ava shuddered with desire as he removed the book from her hands and tossed it to the corner, where it landed with an unceremonious thunk.
“Not a reader, then?” she teased him, glancing up. “Any good librarian would be very mad at you for such blatant literary disrespect.”
“Look at me, Ava,” he said, brushing his index finger under her chin, the barest graze. His eyes were liquid heat.
Ava looked up at him, standing strong over her, and it occurred to her that she should possibly be frightened—after all, she was here, alone, in the bedroom of a man who wanted her at his mercy. But all she could feel was a burning passion to be skin-to-skin with him, body against body; any fears fled when he smiled.
“You seem to have such trouble obeying, my little naughty librarian,” Damián said conversationally, running his finger over her lower lip. He leaned in, lips so close she could feel his breath. “And I think I already made it clear that disobedience will require correction. Hmm?” His low voice was harsh and sexy. “I’m going to punish you extra now. Te voy a castigar.” Ava sucked in her breath hard, and Damián chuckled. “Te acuerdas? You remember?”
His confident voice in Spanish made her swoon, and she was ready to do whatever he asked, no matter what it was. Her lips parted and her eyes widened as she breathed in, watching him, waiting for his command. 
Ava made a small moaning noise, and Damián ran both hands lightly down her shoulders, rubbing. 
“But on the other hand, such a sexy surprise, finding you sitting here like this—maybe that should be rewarded.”
Ava nodded. “Now that idea I like, Damián.” Her voice came out low and hoarse. Every fiber of her body was thrumming with desire for his lips, his arms, his burning gaze. She could feel her breath coming faster, the excitement building. 
“Both, then,” he said decisively. “Punishment, then pleasure.”
Damián ran his fingers over her lips, and Ava’s eyes widened at his touch and at the dual promise; the suggestion alone was enough to make her wet.
She sucked his finger, making eye contact, running her tongue up and down his thumb. “Do you like that?” she asked him with a wide-eyed, faux-innocent gaze. “Does it feel… good?” She wanted to get him to her level of heat. 
“Ava, fuck.”
“Oh, I see. You do want to fuck? So the shower was your idea of foreplay? Poor baby. I think you need lessons. You seem to have lost your touch. Usually? When you engage in foreplay? You have to actually be in the room with the person you plan to fuck. Just for future reference. And you can look that up in the card catalogue if you forget.”
Damián moved fast, and Ava found herself pulled to her feet, up against his hard, lean body. “Oh, you’re giving lessons, now?” he whispered into her ear, biting at the lobe.
“Eep! Yes, since you need pointers, I’m going to have to—Ow!” Ava stiffened as Damián slapped her once on the ass. “That hurt.”
“Oh, did it?” Damián murmured in an interested voice against her neck. “Did that sting your pretty little ass?”
“You know it did,” Ava said in a mock-accusing voice, rubbing. 
Damián grabbed her hand. “Did I tell you to reach back?”
“Are you really going to give me double the spanking?” Ava asked, suddenly nervous. 
“Of course I am.” Damián rubbed her ass cheek where he’d slapped it. “In a little bit.” Now he leaned in and kissed her neck, bit it, and trailed his fingers over her breast. “It’s going to be hard and you’re going to take it all, unless I hear the word Red, yes?”
“Red again?” Ava queried. “What if I prefer another word?”
“Do you want a different word? Library, maybe? Bookmark? Ava’s going to get whipped with a nice riding crop?” He nipped some light kisses down the side of her neck, stopping at her shoulder and looking at her, dark eyes burning. 
Ava smiled. “Not right now. Red is fine. But if I want a new one, I’ll choose.”
“You can pick any word you want, Ava.” His voice was low. “Is there anything else here you want to pick tonight? Green. Remember green? It means you like what we’re doing and you want more.”
Ava put her hands against his bare chest. His heart was pounding. She leaned in and kissed the side of his neck, then his ear. “Green,” she whispered. 

Ava Grimaldi models the hero of her kinky erotic novel on her crush, sexy gym owner and artist Damián Perez, without asking his permission. When Damián finds out, he’s furious, and Ava is worried he will sue her. Damián demands a different payment entirely, though, and soon the two are involved in an intense BDSM relationship of their own. 

With each sexual encounter growing more passionate and personal, Ava falls hard for Damián, but is hurt when he continually insists they their relationship is only physical and temporary. He refuses to acknowledge their relationship in public, even though he spends time with his bitchy ex. Eventually Ava has enough of being second best and won’t settle for less than she deserves. Can they work through their misunderstandings and hurt to start again, this time with a basis of trust and love?

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