Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday Spankings~ "Your Punishment Ends When I Decide."

Happy 4th of July everyone! Even if it isn't a holiday for you, it's still a Saturday in the summer, so have a happy one :)

If you're squeezing some reading into your weekend, why not a sci fi spanking romance with a stern alpha warrior? I am still sharing snippets from His Rebellious Queen. This part picks up right where I left off last week. Lyra started an argument with her husband, Astor, in front of his cousin and her sister. She's been pushing his buttons for days, but he's finally just reacted.

You're entering mid spanking, if you want the lead in check out last week, and the week before.

He ignored her protests and began to punish her properly, watching as her creamy skin turned pink under his hand. The sound echoed off of the walls of the empty room and he had no doubt anyone in the vicinity would know what was going on.

He continued painting her backside a deeper shade of pink with the steady slapping of his hand against her bare flesh. Her whimpers and gasps quickly turned into pleading. She apologized and gave him promises. When the dark pink started to take on a redder hue, she began fighting him in earnest, turning her hips and trying push off of his lap.

He paused and ran his hand over her heated orbs, causing her to stiffen. “Your punishment ends when I decide, and not a moment before.”

Lyra didn't expect her arranged marriage to be easy. But she also didn't think it was going to be so hard. Moving to a distant planet to become queen was one thing. Learning to take orders from her Alpha, warrior husband was quite another.

Astor knew from the moment he was appointed king there would be no other woman for him. Fulfilling a promise from his past to protect and keep her safe, he claims Lyra as his wife and queen. When she routinely skirts the rules and defies his orders, he realizes he will need to take his feisty wife in hand in the way the Cassians have done for centuries.

But when a plot for revolution follows the new queen and the secrets they're both keeping become exposed, will Astor be able to convince his rebellious queen that they are on the same side or will Lyra's trust come too little too late?

His Rebellious Queen is a sci fi romance about love, trust, and starting over.

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  1. Problem is, they never decide it's over soon enough, but some women prefer that. I'm not sure how Lyra feels about Astor's determination at the moment though. Love the snippet, Casey.

  2. OOh! Someone is asserting his dominance in a fine way! I wonder if Astor will manage to bring his queen in line? :)

  3. Poor Lyra. I hope that she doesn't have to wait a long time for the spanking to be done with.

  4. That last sentence can strike fear into the heart of any spanked woman.

  5. That last line made me shiver!

  6. Nice excerpt! That's a hot spanking. :)