Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Spankers Among Us

Do you ever wonder if other people around you are spankers?

My mind drifts to this topic often (believe it or not).

Working in a retail store I am around people a lot. I can't help but overhear their conversations (or more like, I eavesdrop to make my day interesting).

Couples argue over every day silly things and I often wonder how those arguments get solved when they get home.

People also talk on their cell phones as if no one is listening (word to the wise, everyone is listening, especially your nosy retail clerk).

This is the one sided cell phone conversation I heard that had my mind reeling for hours:

Man in the toothbrush aisle (answers phone): Hey, where are you? I came

home and you were gone?

I can hear a female voice on the other end-  I wonder where she went?

Man: Do you really think that was a good idea?

Oh! Was what a good idea? I hear her laughing through the phone (I should really tell him to turn his volume down)

Man: (sighs) Well that's another demerit against you.

Kinky! Are we really talking about demerits in the toothbrush aisle?

Man: Yeah, that's adding to the 10 you already have. What am I going to do with you?

Hmm, I think I know what you could do with her.

Man: I'll be home soon, can you stay out of trouble?

He walked away after that... but he gave me enough mental fodder to get through the day. Seriously, I want to know what happened when he got home, and did she stay out of trouble? And why did she have demerits??

You cannot talk like this in front of a spanko, it's not good for concentration!


  1. That is funny. In the toothbrush aisle??? I think there are way more spankers out there than we know! It's very cool. I found out about one set of friends when I told them what I write and she'd been having beers with me for 2 years every Friday!! You should have introduced yourself... ;)

  2. Agreeing with Natasha, I know a close friend brought it up some time ago with her married sister and they both had an awakening in their love of being spanked... They went on to speculate if their mother may be a secret and closeted spanko too... Good interest piece here Casey...

  3. Fun post Casey. The conversation definitely offered food for thought. That's one of the benefits of a day job--you're treated to interesting snippets like that.

  4. loved it :D yeah, demerits :D I wonder sometimes about it myself... I'll often call my Master that in public, just lowering my voice, like if kids are around.

  5. Natasha- The things I hear in the toothbrush aisle!

    Joseph- Do you think being a spanko is a genetic trait... hmm, I think I'd rather not know!

    Cara- It definitely makes the day go by faster.

    Joelle- I wonder all the time about other people!

  6. My love true life stories like this! My mind would have been reeling too!!!

  7. I meant I love true stories like this. :-)

  8. Excellent!

    I was at a concert once and looked at all the people and wondered how many people there might have bought one of my books or visited my blog. Ya just never know!