Friday, March 21, 2014

Saturday Spankings- Changing Her Attitude

Happy Saturday! I have a new book coming out sometime next week. You can win an Advanced Copy, just sign up for my newsletter over on the right. You'll get a monthly update from me and I am choosing a winner from all of my new sign ups this weekend! 

The new book is called Emmaline's Groom. It's a historical, set in the Victorian era.

This scene is between Emma and Leo. It doesn't need much setup, they have a past together, and they will have a future (enough of a tease?), right now they're at odds with each other.

Emma turned to face him head on, hands on her hips, a steely resolve showing in her eyes. A smarter man would have retreated. He didn't consider himself a very smart man, and he was feeling a bit reckless today, “Go on then, tell us your troubles,” Leo reached up and patted the horse between the ears, “or go find someone else to terrorize.”
Emma's eyes shone with fury. She closed the distance between them, stomping towards him, until they stood nose to nose- or actually nose to chest. She was a little bundle of temper and fire, he could see her body trembling from it. Leo itched to reach out and weave his fingers through her flowing locks. If Emma were his, he could think of a few ways to change her attitude.

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  1. Oh yes, I'm quite sure his mind is thinking of ways to change her attitude. Very nice.

  2. Oh... thinking of those ways to change her attitude, (if and when she is his) now... a wonderful intro and tease and congrats on the imminent release of your book...

  3. That sounds great! I do love a Victorian-era romance.

  4. I'm pretty sure he'd have a way of changing her attitude that she wouldn't mind partaking in.

  5. "A smarter man would have retreated. He did not consider himself a smart man." That is hilarious! I loved my ARC!! Looking forward to seeing the cover!!!

  6. "A smarter man would have retreated." lol luckily for us all, he doesn't consider himself a very smart man. Great snippet!