Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dungeon Crawl- "It's Supposed to Hurt"

Welcome back to another Dungeon Crawl from our friends over at Romancing the Kink!
You had a whole week to limber up and stretch it out before you got back down into the crawl again, here we go!

This is from my book Cursed Waters. In this scene Trevor is displeased that Roxy has lied to him and almost gotten herself murdered by zombies. You know, just your everyday lover's quarrel...

Trevor reached up and pulled her arm. She fell, ungracefully, across his lap. Roxy put her hands out to steady herself on the floor and readjust, but before she even had a moment he started spanking her. The wooden spoon bit into her flesh. She still had the protection of her jeans, but thinking they were any kind of buffer would have been a mistake. Her mistakes kept adding up today. Lying to Trevor, hiding things from him, and letting him pack a damned wooden spoon.
“Ah,” she cried out, a particularly hard smack hitting her upper thigh, pulling her from her self deprecating thoughts. “Please!” Roxy kicked her legs straight out behind her and she tried to twist away from the incoming blows. “It hurts!” She yelled out.
Trevor stopped and waited for her to stop wiggling around. She felt his hand on her lower back rubbing small circles, “It's supposed to hurt, Roxy.”
His response infuriated her. He wanted to hurt her? She fought against his hold on her and pushed herself to her feet.
Trevor looked up at her in surprise. “Are we done?”
Roxy used both hands to try to rub the sting from her ass, “Yes!” she shouted at him.
“Who decides when the spanking's over?” He asked.
She narrowed her eyes at him, but didn't respond.
“Who's in charge here?” He questioned her again. Roxy wanted to kick him, he was pulling out everything he knew that would get her to comply. “Do you need a break?”
She still didn't reply but she felt tears pricking the backs of her eyes. Why did she get so over emotional when he could remain so in control?
Trevor pointed to the corner behind the desk. “Go face the wall and think for a minute.”
When she didn't move right away he raised his eyebrows at her, Roxy spun on her heel and made her way over to the appointed corner. 

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  1. I just love Roxy's outrage at Trevor wanting to hurt her. He's spanking her - surely that should have been a give away!!
    This is such a fun book, I loved it.

  2. Loved the flair in this excerpt. Roxy's a lil spitfire... I love her reaction to the first slap from that wooden spoon.

  3. Ah nuts! My reply didn't post!
    grrr. It was really intelligent and thought provoking too. ;)

    Loved this scene, and loved this book!

    ok, trying again. fingers crossed