Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dungeon Crawl- "Am I Getting Through to You?"

Welcome back to another week of the Dungeon Crawl! I still have not been kicked out, seriously, who is running this thing? Oh, Romancing the Kink! I have them all fooled!

Anyway, this scene from my book Cursed Waters picks up where last week left off. Trevor is punishing Roxy for almost getting herself killed. He is not done yet!

She heard Trevor moving behind her and then felt him at her back. He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her back to his front. One hand traveled up and massaged her neck and shoulders. The hand still at her waist began working on the button of her jeans. Roxy let her arms go limp at her sides and closed her eyes. She loved when Trevor undressed her, even if his intention was to punish her, it made her feel completely his. Once the button was open he slid down the zipper and started working her tight jeans down her hips. They stopped at mid-thigh, where they had gotten wet, the tightness and the material would have made them a struggle to get down to begin with, but with them being wet on top of everything else they may as well had been glued to her thighs.

He grabbed her hips and turned her around, giving her a hard look that dared her to defy him. He then led her the few feet to the desk and bent her over the edge. Roxy lay her cheek on the cool smooth surface as Trevor slid her panties down to meet her jeans. She imagined her ass was already glowing red judging from the sting the spoon had left. Trevor grabbed a handful of her hair using his forearm to press her upper body into the desk.

His hand came down on her right cheek and she jumped on impact, curling her fingers around the edge of the desk. He began a methodical rhythm, right, left, center. He started towards the top and was working his way down, she cringed as he got closer to the place where her ass met her thighs, but she remained in place. 

“Am I getting through to you?” he asked. Roxy didn't respond at first, caught off guard by the break in the silence. She was rewarded with a tug on her hair and three smacks to the backs of her thighs.

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  1. I always thought I was a skirt and panties chick but for some time now, I have a thing for jeans and panties pushed down to the knees. It's almost more naked. More humiliating. Yum.

  2. There is such a lot going on in that delicious excerpt, from how Roxy loves how he undresses her, to how Trevor dares her to defy him and best of all the lovely fist full of hair, tugged to get her attention. I love it.

  3. He's getting through to me!! Yummy!

  4. Tug on the hair FTW!!

    BTW, I had my cursor sitting on the screen just over the word "back" in the phrase "then felt him at her back," and I thought it said "then felt him at her beak" for just a second there. I was going with it, though.

  5. Ah the dreaded spanking spoon. Very nice snippet.