Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dungeon Crawl- A Pushy Submissive

I'm back again! Apparently this Dungeon Crawl, sponsored by Romancing the Kink, is a habit I can't (and don't want to) break.

Anywho, I've had a book come out since last week. Exciting!

Here's a little snippet, my characters are in a fantasy world, fetish lodge. There is a BDSM dungeon in the basement where Coral has frequented with many Doms. This is her first time down there with Jake, the first man she has been attracted to since she had her heart broken.

"Lower your pants and bend over the bench," Jake gave the simple command.

Coral opened her mouth to speak but he crossed his arms and took a step closer. "This is the part where you comply without hesitating, so as not to make your punishment worse."

Wait, this isn’t how it goes. We need to go over things. You need my limits, safeword, things like that.”

He paused in front of her and then an amused look crept across his face, “Things you go over before you play?”

She nodded emphatically, her trepidation relieved now that the ball was back in her court.

You’re the pushiest submissive I’ve ever met.” His eyes danced with mirth and he leaned in close to her, “Also, I’m not playing.”

This is from the book The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle, which I co-authored with Renee Rose and Katherine Deane.

Here is the blurb and buy links if you find it strikes your fancy:

In a world where fairy tales and real life collide, in which truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and romance and fetish are the norm, a winter storm forces a cast of characters to converge at a unique lodge, and three interwoven tales are set in motion.

Jillian and her brother narrowly escape a wolf attack, thanks to a shapeshifter, Bertram. As the owner of the lodge, Bertram opens Jillian’s eyes to a whole new world filled with spanking and so much more. Will she keep fighting her submission, or allow herself the chance for true love?

Coral is a fugitive—hiding from herself, her true desires, and the sea witch to whom she owes a great debt. She fears showing real emotion and letting herself be free, but Jake Hill’s dominating presence beckons her to yield to him—not just her body, but her heart, mind, and soul. When the sea witch demands retribution, though, she may lose the one man she has come to trust.

When Faye blunders while casting a spell upon her landlord, he claims her as his slave until she can undo the magic, and she finds herself subject to his firm discipline. As her attraction to him grows, Faye fears she will give in to the handsome shifter and forever lose her maidenhood, and consequently her powers and the ability to fix her mistake.

Even as all three women struggle with surrendering to the dominant men they have fallen for, each finds herself on a journey to discover her true self. Can they find a way to yield to love without losing themselves in the process?

Publisher’s Note: The Winter Storm is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, anal play, sexual scenes, age play, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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  1. Goodness. WTH is it about "Lower your pants"? Nice, Casey!

  2. I like that he doesn't stand on formalities. :)

  3. This was a wonderful excerpt. You said so much with so few words.
    It exemplifies that she is not new to BDSM and has certain expectations as to how things are supposed to transpire. However Jake doesn't seem the type to stick to standards or casual customs. I love how he sets her straight on this.

  4. this is so lovely :). I enjoy the dynamic here- guessing because she's earned a punishment that they should have already had the limits, safeword etc talk before this, or to handle it "in the moment" as my Master and I tend to do.

  5. I'm not playing.
    loved that line!

  6. I love "I'm not playing," too. Good one. Toe-curly, even, the way I could feel him saying it. Woo! Glad you are into the crawl, Miss Casey McKay. Yes I am using the polite and formal form of address for you in this most excellent comment on your most excellent blog website internet presence location. No idea why. I'm a maroon, that's why. Reason enough. Aheh.