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Spring Fling Blog Hop

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Today, I have an excerpt from The Winter Storm: An Ever After Chronicle, a book I co-authored along with Renee Rose and Katherine Deane.

In this selection Coral is just meeting Jake and she is caught off guard by her instant attraction to him. Coral works at a fetish lodge and likes to frequent the BDSM dungeon, she's intrigued to see if Jake will venture down with her.

After she took a shower and put on some dry clothes Coral headed down to the kitchen to warm some milk for hot cocoa. She stopped in the doorway, caught off guard by the man standing at the stove.

“Would you like some hot cocoa? I was just making myself a mug of it.”

Jake smiled at her as she hesitantly stepped into the room. She wasn't expecting to find anyone else in here.

“Yes, thank you.” She turned her back to him as she busied herself getting mugs down from the cupboard. She needed a second to get her bearings.

“So, you work here?” He had turned back towards the stove, stirring chocolate into the boiling milk. She took the opportunity to let her eyes wander over his broad shoulders, down his muscular back, to his tight ass. 

He glanced over his shoulder at her, his lips quirking up when he caught her staring. Her face heated in embarrassment and she forced words out of her mouth.

“Uh, yeah. I take care of the fish.” She shoved the mugs onto the counter next to the stove and retreated to the wooden dining table in the middle of the room.

He filled the mugs and carried them to where she sat, “The fish?”

“The aquariums and fish ponds. I maintain them for Mr. Wolfe.” She wrapped her hands around her mug to stop them from shaking.

“So you don't work in any other areas of the lodge?” His voice carried a hint of disappointment.

“No,” she paused, “well, I don't get paid to at least. But there are no rules about employees playing with the guests. Are you a guest?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “I'm not going anywhere in this weather. Mr. Wolfe was nice enough to let me and my sister take shelter from the storm.”

She nodded her head in agreement remembering what Mr. Wolfe said about Jake and his sister staying with them, “What did you do to your head?”

He placed on hand on his bandage and frowned. “I took a fall,” he said, “thanks to my darling sister.”

“I have a few sisters like that,” she replied.

“Do they work here too?”

“They don't live around here, I don't really see them much.” A pang of regret hit her and she needed to change the subject. “You're name is Jake right?”

He stuck his hand across the table to shake her hand, “Yes, Jake. And you are the beautiful Coral, if I remember correctly.”

She felt her cheeks warm from his compliment.
“Once we finish our cocoa would you like the grand tour?” She didn't normally fraternize with the guests if she wasn't playing, but this one seemed different.

In a world where fairy tales and real life collide, in which truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and romance and fetish are the norm, a winter storm forces a cast of characters to converge at a unique lodge, and three interwoven tales are set in motion.

Jillian and her brother narrowly escape a wolf attack, thanks to a shapeshifter, Bertram. As the owner of the lodge, Bertram opens Jillian’s eyes to a whole new world filled with spanking and so much more. Will she keep fighting her submission, or allow herself the chance for true love?

Coral is a fugitive—hiding from herself, her true desires, and the sea witch to whom she owes a great debt. She fears showing real emotion and letting herself be free, but Jake Hill’s dominating presence beckons her to yield to him—not just her body, but her heart, mind, and soul. When the sea witch demands retribution, though, she may lose the one man she has come to trust.

When Faye blunders while casting a spell upon her landlord, he claims her as his slave until she can undo the magic, and she finds herself subject to his firm discipline. As her attraction to him grows, Faye fears she will give in to the handsome shifter and forever lose her maidenhood, and consequently her powers and the ability to fix her mistake.

Even as all three women struggle with surrendering to the dominant men they have fallen for, each finds herself on a journey to discover her true self. Can they find a way to yield to love without losing themselves in the process?

Publisher’s Note: The Winter Storm is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, anal play, sexual scenes, age play, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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