Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Man of Your Dreams~ In the House of My Dreams

Have you ever read a book and wondered if there was any truth to any of the things the author wrote about? Maybe I'm just nerdy, but I think about these things a lot. I mean, an author has to get their inspiration somewhere. Sure, it can be complete fantasy, but I would think something from real life would spur that fantasy along.

Lately, I've been getting very descriptive about my character's living arrangements. Apartments, gorgeous old houses, private islands—you name it, I want to write about it. Also, everyone has a fantastic, spacious kitchen with an island that has stools. This is me living in a fantasy world of my own. Our kitchen is my absolute least favorite room in our house, and it's the probably the most used. 

Mr. McKay loves to cook, and I love to eat. But we literally can't be in the kitchen at the same time. Many nights we'll make dinner together. I'll chop and prepare and he'll physically cook, but we have to do so in shifts. "Okay, I'll let you do your thing and get out of your way, call me when you're done," is a normal statement from my husband while we're preparing dinner.

I'm not exaggerating, if someone is standing at the sink washing dishes, you can't open the refrigerator.

So yes, when I write, my characters all get state of the art kitchens. With dishwashers! They have open floor plans and spacious bathrooms—I actually wondered the other day if I was writing house porn.

I blame this wholly on HGTV and its hold it has on me. I always dabbled in home improvement/house hunting shows. But when I broke my ankle in May I had much more time to watch TV. And most of the time I was watching a show about a couple buying a house, or fixing up a house, or flipping a house. Or building a tiny house (I still don't understand this phenomenon but will watch shows about it constantly).

Could you fit a spanking bench in here?
What do you, my readers, get as a result? You get Tom, Adam and Hailey with their sexcapades featured in a spacious, open floor plan house with a pool. You get Melissa and Martin vacationing on a friend's private island. Because I saw it on a show, it's called Island Hunters. And people actually buy private islands. So of course the rich Dom in my book can own one, because he's rich and needs a remote place to make his subs scream :)

In my current book, the continuation of the Masters of Fetishes series, my main character Liam invites Dani over to his old Victorian house that he is fixing up. So far he's only renovated the kitchen—which is amazing—and a BDSM playroom that used to be a den. As I'm writing this, I'm researching old Victorian houses, and what one has to do to fix them up. And I'm imagining living in a completely renovated one. Then I realized, Liam is fixing up my dream house. Okay maybe I'd have to make the BDSM playroom less conspicuous, but still, that kitchen!

I can't afford a house with a fancy kitchen now, but until I can, I'll keep writing about them. At least a girl can dream!


  1. OH bless Casey, I do wonder sometimes where you authors get your ideas. Usually though I am wondering if all your husbands are like the scrummy hoh/doms in all your books. Houses not so
    love Jan,xx

    1. My husband let's me blog about him. So he is absolutely perfect ;)

  2. I don't know what I would do if I had a smaller kitchen. I love to cook and need space :)