Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hitting the Lottery~ My Secret Fear

For those of you not living in the states, or if you live under a rock, the Powerball Jackpot has climbed to a record high. It's played in 44 states (I am not sure which states aren't included or why) but I think everyone is talking about it.

We combined money and played together at work, because rule of thumb, if a coworker asks if you want in, you don't say no. You don't want to be the only one left after everyone else hits it big.

The drawing was last night and no one hit the big jackpot. It's up to $1.3 billion. You know, no big deal. If you take the cash option you only walk away with like $806 million.

We were with a group of friends last night and we were talking about how that is scary money. You'd pretty much have to go into hiding, it's life changing- people will hunt you down money. Personally, I don't want that, it scares me. Clearly I wouldn't keep all $806 million dollars, I'd obviously help a lot of people and donate a lot, but there will always be people who are bitter you won and they didn't.

We started talking about what we would do if we won a big jackpot, maybe not necessarily this jackpot, but any kind of life changing money. I would quit my day job. Pay off my student loans. Buy a new car- nothing crazy, just a newer model of what I  have probably. And buy a house. Having a debt free life and a place to live with space in the kitchen to put all our kitchen appliances away would be nice! Not living on anyone else's schedule, a dream. 

I'd also want to help out my parents and Mr. McKay's parents.

One of my coworkers said she would buy a private island. That's actually an awesome idea, then no one could find you to beg for money.

We went into an offshoot to another fantasy last night where we talked about all the random things we would buy and ship to a friend who was not present at this gathering. Five pound bags of gummy bears. Bags of Lucky Charms marshmallows. A box of pink gloves but only the left from each pair. All anonymously and without any rhyme or reason, because wouldn't that just be a mindfuck?

We had a good time talking about what we would do if we won. And how much we would want to win because almost everyone agreed that this jackpot is too much for one person.

The numbers came out and no one won. The next drawing is Wednesday night and I am sure we will buy more tickets even though I secretly hope we never win every time we buy them. Mr. McKay thinks I'm crazy. But it's my secret fear, winning the lottery and then having that responsibility. 

But I still buy them, because something would be nice. $500,000? Even a million would be easy to spend. Heck even a couple hundred bucks would be nice. 

Don't worry, there's a 1 in 292.2 million chance in winning.

But what would you do if you won the lottery?


  1. I agree - that is just too much money. I hope that if and when there is a winning number, there are multiples or a group buy, like your work buy.I don't usually play powerball but even Ray said maybe we should buy a ticket. Wouldn't that be the bees knees?

    1. I really hope a lot of people win. It is too much for one person. It would be nice to win something though, wouldn't it? Good luck to you and Ray!