Monday, January 4, 2016

Mastered~ Begin the Masters of Fetishes Series

The holidays are over. Are we all back to regular reading? I know I have had almost no time to write, let alone read in the last month.

For a limited time, I have Mastered on sale for 99 cents. So get it now if you have not read it! I've also finally named my series and am calling it a series.

I was reluctant to call these three books a series before because I thought I might scare off some readers who were just tuning in for books two or three. Each book is about new characters, but there is some mention of characters from other books. You don't have to read them in order or even read all three, which is why I never called it a series. But I think readers maybe like a series? It keeps getting called a series in my reviews.

Anyway, I am now writing the Masters of Fetishes series. Fetishes being the name of the BDSM club in my books. And I am working on book four, but you have time to catch up if you haven't even started.

I've bounced around and tried my hand in a few different genres (even though all my books have been spanking romances), I feel like I am really in a groove with this BDSM series and I can't believe I almost didn't write it.

I started book one, Mastered, almost two years ago. It was titled "Hailey and Tom" in my documents folder. It was just the opening scene and nothing else. And for a hot minute it was going to be a medical play book (it isn't) and I didn't think I knew how to write a menage (which it is).

I opened the document almost one year later, changed some things around and finished my neat little menage set around a BDSM club named Fetishes.

Except it wasn't over, the characters kept coming back. I wrote book two, Cherished about Hailey's best friend Serena who you meet momentarily in Mastered. Then book three sprouted up. Bound is about Melissa and Martin, the owner of Fetishes and his girlfriend, you met them both in Mastered and they are mentioned in Cherished.

Coming soon is book four. If you read the last book then you know Dani, the head of security at Fetishes. Book four is her book and I have a few tentative titles but nothing locked down yet. Now I just need to finish writing it because book five is already competing for attention.

I'm sure I'll have other books besides this series, but I just need time to write them. If anyone figures out how to get some more hours into the day, please let me know!

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers!! I hope you're all reading delightful things!

Book 1, Masters of Fetishes


  1. Hi Casey, I love a series and am waiting for number four!! The rest are just my cup of tea
    love Jan,xx

  2. I loved the first three and can't wait for number four!

  3. I loved the first three and can't wait for number four!