Thursday, February 4, 2016

Catching Up and Catching My Breath!

Hello, my lovely blog readers. For reasons unknown to me I am having a very busy week. It seems every single day has been scheduled up to the minute. By the time my day is done and I have finished everything, I collapse on the couch at 10pm and will myself to keep my eyes open for one more hour so I can spend some time with Mr. McKay.

He's still awfully sweet and awesome to hang out with even if he is neglected at the moment. (Don't worry, I scheduled a full one hour block of time last night to eat dinner and watch Downton Abbey with him.)

Some things have happened since last I blogged. First and foremost, Spanking Romance Reviews has a vote going on for the Best of 2015.

Click Here to take a look and cast your votes. Mastered was nominated for Best Menage and Dani, from Bound, got nominated for Best Minor Character.

I'm in the middle of working on Dani's story so this was exciting news for me!

So go on and vote!! You don't have to vote for my books, but vote and show some love for your favorites!

One other thing I would like to share: Bound got a really nice review from Vivi on Insatiable Readings. Hop on over and take a peek if you are so inclined. It really brightens my day when someone tells me they like what I have written, and it definitely helps the writing process of the new book.

That's all for now. Sorry, it was kind of a business-y post, no funny anecdotes today.

Thanks for stopping by and I promise a real post soon!

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  1. Hi Casey, here we go. I love your books, am looking forward to Dani's story very much. Oh and I have voted already :)
    I hope your week gets easier and Mr McKay has lots of attention
    love Jan,xx