Saturday, September 26, 2015

Respecting Daddy~ Saturday Spankings

Welcome back to Saturday Spankings! I have more from my new release Cherished.

I'm sharing from the same scene from last week. Serena's in the middle of a funishment spanking from her boyfriend Ethan, but it's suddenly taken on a more sentimental turn. 

“Good girl, hands on the desk, don’t lift them up.”

She gave him a nod and sucked in a breath.

He brought down the ruler, catching the bottom part of her cheeks.

Serena whimpered. “I will respect myself and daddy. Three.”

Ethan spread his fingers, spanning her stomach, holding her in place. His heart contracted at her nicknames. He had come to view her as his baby girl—he wanted to take care of her, did she want him in that role?

Serena's landed herself the perfect man. He's wealthy, powerful, and an unrelenting Dom. Everything a smart girl with a penchant for kink could want. But a year into their relationship and she's doubting what they really have together. When she confronts him, she's devastated to discover she had the wrong idea from the beginning. 

Ethan is back in town to help out his friend manage his BDSM club. The short respite from his life across the country is just the break he needed. But when his troubles end up following him, things become even more complicated than before.

When Serena and Ethan meet, it isn't perfect timing. Serena finds it hard to trust again, but then Ethan shows her what it's like to be cherished. Can they let go of their baggage long enough to find real happiness? Or will their complicated past relationships catch up with them?

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  1. Another book I'm really looking forward to reading. Love the excerpt, Casey.

  2. I like her question at the end - it's a role some want, but there are so many things that come into play in relationships like this.

  3. mmm, I love the daddy babygirl thing. can't wait to read this.

  4. Great snippet, and I love that cover!