Sunday, September 27, 2015

Behave Yourself~ #ScintillatingSunday

Welcome to my first post for Scintillating Sunday brought to you by the Mile High Muses! 

I've picked out 8 paragraphs from my BDSM menage romance MasteredHailey has entered an auction at a BDSM club that she has no business entering. This is her first encounter with the two Doms who purchased, and the Dom who runs the club. Three Doms in one room? She's justifiably freaked out.

"Whatever you think, just make sure she agrees. I trust you," he said, then turned back to Hailey. "And you. If you want to set foot in this club again, we need to have a private meeting to discuss what happened here tonight. I suggest you listen to these two and behave yourself."

She nodded when none of them spoke again, assuming they were waiting for her answer.

"Words," Tom reminded her, his tone stern. "I believe you were already told that once."

"Oh," she choked out, her throat still dry, the bottle of water forgotten in her hand. "Sorry, yes, I understand."

Martin raised his eyebrows. “You’re sure about this?” He looked at Tom.


This drew a wide grin from the blond guy. Martin shook his head and left the room. He clearly wasn’t a fan of her, she should have been more relieved when he left. But she wasn’t sure what to think as she looked between the two men.

Blond guy strode toward her and she held her breath, but he veered to the side and opened the mini fridge. Helping himself to a can of soda he popped the top and leaned back against the wall. "Should we get formalities out of the way? I'm Adam." He gave her a panty melting grin. One she wasn't aware could exist in real life on a real human being. Her tongue had already been lodged to the roof of her mouth, she feared it was permanently stuck there now.

Hailey needs money fast, and will do anything to get it. Even lie on her application to enter an auction at Fetishes, a BDSM club. 

One weekend. 

She'll get the money she needs and anything else will be a bonus. She can handle one Dom for a weekend...except she ends up with one Dom too many.

Tom's reluctant to get himself back into the BDSM scene since his failed marriage. Adam loves his carefree life—nothing tying him down or keeping him in the same place for too long. Neither of them are looking for a relationship. But then wide-eyed Hailey shows up and proves to be a temptation that neither of them can pass up. They offer her an introduction to the lifestyle, and they intend to show her what it's like to be a trained submissive. 

It's just one weekend...

The lines between fantasy and reality become blurred and soon Hailey fears she'll only end up with a broken heart. When she disappears, can these two Dominant men admit their true feelings for her?

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