Thursday, September 10, 2015

Had She Ever Been Kissed Like This?~ New BDSM Romance!!

Cherished is live and ready to be purchased! I wasn't expecting it to happen until the little Amazon elves shelved it in the wee hours of the morning (that's how that stuff happens you know).

I didn't have a post ready! But I think in honor of my release, you should at least get a little taste. Let me introduce you to Serena and Ethan, they've met before and have just run into each other again. They're getting acquainted.

Ethan turned his body so he faced her. Reaching up, he touched her finger that twirled a strand of hair. “Am I making you nervous?” he asked, laughter filling his voice.

“What?” She was horrified he thought she was nervous. She was. But he didn’t need to know that. “No, sorry, bad habit.” She pulled her finger loose from her hair and wiped her palms again.

He gave her a grin and covered her hand.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she blurted out. Smooth, Serena, real smooth. She mentally kicked herself. But her breath caught when Ethan’s face fell. Fuck. She’d been actively dating for two weeks and they all had something wrong with them. Sexy Ethan probably had a chick waiting back in LA, or maybe that girl at the club…

“I’m just getting out of… a thing,” he said, taking his hand back and running it through his hair as he blew out a sigh.

“A thing?” Her heart pounded. She wanted desperately for him to available.

“It’s complicated,” he said. “It was complicated, but it’s finished now.”

She chewed her lip and bounced her knee up and down. She could really use a cigarette, her nerves were frayed and sitting on her couch with Ethan wasn’t making her any calmer.

“What about your boyfriend?” he asked.

She rolled her eyes and tried for an easy laugh, but even to her own ears it sounded humorless. “Turns out he was never my boyfriend,” she said with a shrug. “I understand complicated,” she added.

He smiled and leaned in, then placed his hand on her bouncing leg. “Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“No.” Now she did laugh, a high pitched, crazy laugh. Get it together, she scolded herself. She was about to explain that she really needed a cigarette when he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. It caught her off guard. For a second she didn’t return his kiss and just sat looking at his face close up to hers. Then her eyes drifted shut and she relaxed against him.

He laid her back, his body coming over hers as he deepened their kiss. Had she ever been kissed like this? Her tummy fluttered with butterflies as his hand came to the back of her head, holding her in place. His tongue teased her lips. The hand that rested on her knee shifted up, bunching up her skirt under his strong fingers.

Parting her lips, she let him in, then began matching his kisses. She felt out of practice. She grasped onto his biceps, she needed something to hold. His muscles bulged under his button down shirt. He pulled away and she swallowed a whine. She wanted his lips on her, she wanted them everywhere. His hands too. She needed him closer.

“Sorry,” he said, blinking back at her as he retreated.

“Don’t be.” Her words halted his movements. 

Serena's landed herself the perfect man. He's wealthy, powerful, and an unrelenting Dom. Everything a smart girl with a penchant for kink could want. But a year into their relationship and she's doubting what they really have together. When she confronts him, she's devastated to discover she had the wrong idea from the beginning. 

Ethan is back in town to help out his friend manage his BDSM club. The short respite from his life across the country is just the break he needed. But when his troubles end up following him, things become even more complicated than before.

When Serena and Ethan meet, it isn't perfect timing. Serena finds it hard to trust again, but then Ethan shows her what it's like to be cherished. Can they let go of their baggage long enough to find real happiness? Or will their complicated past relationships catch up with them?

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  1. Oh now that has cheered me up. I have just put it on my kindle. Congratulations Casey, I hope it does really well
    love Jan,xx

    1. Thanks so much, Jan! I'm happy to have cheered you up, I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Just picked it up! Very excited to read it :D and Congrats on the release.