Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Tis the Season of Asking for What You Want

Okay, technically I think it's the Season of Giving but I have a point- I'm not being materialistic, really!

First, I have a post up on Jaded Harlot about gift giving anxieties and movie inspired gifts.

On to what I mean about asking for what you want: Christmas Eve is upon us! I was being a good little elf tonight and wrapping up all the presents we purchased (and fretting that I did not get enough or get the right thing). 

My brother asked for some pants he needed, I pulled them out of the bag and went to take the price tags off and I thought they looked a little funny (I ordered them online). I held them up and this is when I realized that I inadvertently ordered him a youth XL pair of pants. They look like they might fit a ten year old. Ack!

At this point in time I would normally have what I like to call a holiday meltdown. It seems to happen every year. I get myself so stressed with the shopping and the baking, decorating and visiting- I forget to chill, get some sleep, and take care of me. 

We all do it, don't we?

What does this have to do with asking for what you want? A few weeks ago I mentioned to the husband that I really just needed him to spank me, like once a week. Does this sound needy? Perhaps. But I figured what did I have to lose- I was just going to lay all the cards out on the table.

Yes, it's a kink and we usually have sex after a spanking- but I actually don't need that. I really just want the release, I can't explain it, and I found I had a hard time explaining it to him, and feared I was just starting to sound like a lunatic, so I shut up.

But he understood, or at least he told me he did. I trusted that. And that night he spanked me. It was hot, it was kinky, it was what we always do. I am not complaining!

Then a few days later I had a day off from the day job and I really wanted to write. But I ended up shopping. Then I had to stop by my mom's, then I had to go to the post office, then I had to go back to the store (well you get the picture). At the end of my day off I was not at all relaxed and I knew I had a full week ahead of me and a long list of things to get done. I felt jumpy, I felt like I had unspent energy, there would never be enough time in the day and I wanted to get everything done right now!

Instead I decided to go to bed (it was getting late)- I'm upstairs in the bathroom brushing my teeth. I turn the water off and my husband comes in the bathroom. He says nothing, but he pulls down my pants and bends me over the counter.

A spanking! To the point of me kicking my feet up and crying out a little. Long past when he would normally stop, almost to the point of me asking him to stop (almost, but not quite). Then he pulled me up and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed my forehead and told me to go to bed. Just like that. Just what I asked for.

That is what I mean about asking for what you want. I could have spent all this time sulking and being annoyed and snappish that he wasn't reading my mind. Instead I just told him what I thought I needed. If he hadn't understood I would have tried something else, but it couldn't hurt to ask, and it didn't- it actually paid off.

So tonight I did not have the Christmas Eve Eve holiday meltdown. I brought the kid sized pants downstairs and we laughed about it. And now my brother is getting a gift card in lieu of his real gift. Oh well. What can you do?

I wish you all spankings for Christmas! And if you end up not getting what you want, just ask for it.


  1. LOL! Here's to getting what you want! And, I used that exact same pic on the blog post I just posted. Great minds ;)

    1. It's a cute spanking Santa pic! :) I hope you get what you want too Rayanna!