Saturday, December 20, 2014

Playing with Fire- #satspanks

Welcome back Saturday Spanking enthusiasts! (I'm just guessing if you're here then you are an enthusiast.)

I know life is busy and crazy this time of year, but you have time for eight sentences, right?

Then if you find you have time for a short little read you should get Emmaline's Gamble. It's a short treat and you will not be disappointed!

The following is toward the beginning of the story. Emmaline keeps waking up her husband Leo because she is excited for the day. Leo has just given her a playful spanking and now she is hoping for something else that might settle her down.

"Pestering me into a spanking is like playing with fire, my love. I may not always be in such good humor about it." He quirked a brow at her. It was a look he had perfected. There was something so stern yet loving about it that she immediately wanted to obey any command that accompanied it.

"Yes, sir," she responded on a breathless whisper. He caught her lips in his and she groaned when he nibbled at her bottom lip. She tilted her hips up, trying to draw his attention to the part of her he had awakened, but was dutifully ignoring.

Emmaline grew up living a privileged life, she never had to give the presence of money a second thought, so settling into life with her hard working husband, Leo, is proving to be a bit of an adjustment. She tries to be the type of woman Leo can be proud of, but she fears her upbringing in England's upper crust has left her severely unprepared in being a proper wife.

When Leo brought his young wife to America, far away from their life in England, he promised to take care of her and provide for her. But when Emmaline gambles away hard earned money and her impulsiveness puts her in further danger, what is a husband to do with his wayward wife?

This book features characters from Emmaline's Groom, including a spoiled rich girl, her stern husband, spankings, graphic sex, anal play, and more. If any of this subject matter offends you, please do not purchase this book.

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  1. "Pestering me into a spanking is like playing with fire, my love." Boy! Ain't that the truth?

  2. I hate when they deliberately ignore 'that part', lol. Nice build up ;)

  3. wonderful snippet... the practice stern expression :D perfect :D