Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Release! Emmaline's Gamble Available Now!

Big News! My newest story from The Ravenswood Manor series is now available. Emmaline's Gamble is up on Amazon and available to read for free through Kindle Unlimited.

If you haven't met Emmaline and Leo yet, now's your chance. Emmaline's getting herself into trouble again:

He reentered the room and led her next to the arm chair with a firm grip on her forearm. Pushing her over the side he pushed her upper body onto the seat, her feet still planted on the floor, her backside raised in the air. "Raise your skirts," he demanded, tapping the back of her thigh. She craned her neck, looking at him over her shoulder that was when she spied the wooden spoon he was holding. 

He met her gaze and glowered at her, "Now!" he barked.

She hastily pulled up her skirts, not wanting to anger him further, but her knees shook at the thought of him punishing her in his emotional state. He yanked her pantelets down without undoing the ties at the front, she heard a rip, but screwed her eyes shut as she anticipated the onslaught of her impending punishment.

Emmaline grew up living a privileged life, she never had to give the presence of money a second thought, so settling into life with her hard working husband, Leo, is proving to be a bit of an adjustment. She tries to be the type of woman Leo can be proud of, but she fears her upbringing in England's upper crust has left her severely unprepared in being a proper wife.

When Leo brought his young wife to America, far away from their life in England, he promised to take care of her and provide for her. But when Emmaline gambles away hard earned money and her impulsiveness puts her in further danger, what is a husband to do with his wayward wife?

This book features characters from Emmaline's Groom, including a spoiled rich girl, her stern husband, spankings, graphic sex, anal play, and more. If any of this subject matter offends you, please do not purchase this book.

Buy it today!

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  1. Sounds like a great read, Casey. Congrats on another release!