Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"You're Under Your Doctor's Care Now"~ WIP it Up Medical Play

Welcome back for another Wip It Up Wednesday hosted by the fabulous Melody Parks! Today I have an excerpt from my novella The Doctor's Wife which will be in the box set What The Doctor Ordered, along with stories from Natasha Knight, Tara Finnegan, Trent Evans and Sue Lyndon, this Friday, November 7th!!

Christina has dropped by to see Dan at the hospital after he got called into emergency surgery. She was looking for a late night tryst, but he seems to be taking things a little further than she intended...

"Should we be in here?" she asked as he hustled her into one of the exam rooms.

He flipped on the overhead fluorescent lights and closed the door behind them. "It's not open to the general public, but my key card worked, so it doesn't mean I can't be in here," he told her.

She raised her eyebrows at him and he sensed another protest bubbling up. Grasping her shoulder, he turned her around and placed a sharp smack on the seat of her jeans. "No more questions, you're under your doctor's care now," he ordered. "I'll need you to remove your clothing and get into a gown, I'll be right back." He didn't wait to see if she complied with his commands as he exited the little exam room in search of supplies. If she didn't listen all the more fun for him. He liked when she willingly submitted, but he didn't mind persuading her either.

He flicked the lights on in a neighboring exam room and grabbed what he needed, making a mental note to put everything back where he found it. Walking back into the exam room where Christina was ready and waiting for him, he found her standing in a mint green, paper gown. She looked unsure and slightly annoyed.

He tossed the medical paraphernalia onto the counter and stalked toward her. Bending down, he captured her mouth in a hard kiss, wiping the annoyance from her face. He grasped her ass in his hands; her bare cheeks peeking out of the slit in the crisp gown. Never disconnecting their kiss, he hoisted her up, crushing her against him and carried her to the table.

"Now are you going to be a good girl, or do I have to start you off with a spanking?" he asked her.

The corner of her lips quirked up and she narrowed her eyes, "Do you want me to be a good girl? I've never been a very good patient," she answered.

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  1. Oh please, start her off with a spanking!!!
    Only 2 more days!!

  2. Haha. Great line--do you want me to be a good girl?? Awesome. I can't wait for this!!

  3. Yes, yes. Please start her off with a spanking for teasing him with her "Do you want me to be a good girl?" I don't want her to be a good girl, no, no, not at all.
    I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes from here.

  4. Oh I can't wait for this to come! I wonder what the good doctor is going to do to Christina!