Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Real Woodshed and A Forest Full of Switches~ Sue Lyndon's Her Old-Fashioned Doctor

I am thrilled to have Sue Lyndon over today with an excerpt from her new book Her Old-Fashioned Doctor which is available in the medical play boxed set What the Doctor Ordered.
I was reading books by Sue Lyndon before I ever dipped my toe in the author waters, so you can imagine my excitement to be featured in the same boxed set as her. There is a reason I am a fan of Sue Lyndon's writing- it's hot! Okay, there is more than one reason: she does write hot stuff, also her characters always seem real. Even if her book is set in the future or in the old west she writes about her characters in a way that you would not be surprised to walk out your front door and find them arguing in your driveway.
In her new book, John (the old-fashioned doctor) has just met Melissa, a pretty, rich girl on a road trip after she leaves her cheating fiance. In this scene he's trying to convince her to stay at his cabin longer- not many women would be swayed by the fact that he owns a woodshed... but I think Melissa is a girl after my own heart!

“I wish I had the whole day off so I could drive you all over, Melissa,” he said once they were back on the road.
“Yeah, me too,” she said. “I enjoyed meeting you and I appreciate all your help. Letting me crash at your place was really nice. And I’m thrilled that you didn’t turn out to be an ax murderer.”
His deep, smooth chuckle drew her in, and she couldn’t resist scooting closer to him as the truck hugged a sharp turn. Her fingers brushed against his thigh briefly, and electricity zipped through her arm and pierced straight to her inner core, inciting a throb between her legs. Her eyes went wide. She’d never wanted a man so badly before.
“I’m glad you didn’t drive off last night, Melissa. I liked spending time with you too.” He glanced at her, a conspiratorial gleam in his gaze. “You know, I have the entire weekend off. If you stayed a little longer, I could drive you farther up the mountains and deeper into the country for some even better pictures.”
Her heart thudded. “Really?”
“Really. And since we’ve already established that I’m not an ax murderer, there’s no reason for you to decline my invitation. In fact, you can stay longer than the weekend if you want.” The cabin came into sight and he drove down the long driveway. He parked his truck next to her car and shut off the engine, and the sudden silence heightened the air of tension in the cab.
“You really wouldn’t mind my staying a few days, even a week longer?” She’d said ‘week’ to test the waters. Pleasure filled his gaze and the hungry look in his eyes became ravenous. She tried to swallow but somehow couldn’t even manage that action, she was so entranced by his stare.
“I really wouldn’t mind, so long as you’re a good girl,” he said teasingly.
She crossed her arms over her chest and arched an eyebrow. “So, um, if I’m not a good girl, what happens then? Will I be taken out back to the woodshed?” Her face flamed at her own words, but she couldn’t resist the tease.
“You can bet your pretty little bottom you will,” he replied smoothly, his eyes darkening to almost black.
“Uh, you really have a woodshed?”
“I do, and I also have a forest full of trees with slim branches perfect for cutting switches.”
“Well then, I shall endeavor to be on my best behavior.”

He encroached on her space, looming over her in the cab. She didn’t retreat, but she did squirm under his gaze. He reached out and tipped her chin up. “And I shall endeavor to keep a very close eye on you, little girl.”

Featuring five brand-new books by five excellent authors, What the Doctor Ordered contains over five-hundred Kindle pages worth of hot doctors, naughty patients, thorough examinations, and sound spankings. This collection includes: 

The Doctor and the Naughty Girl, by Trent Evans 
Dr. Dane McKendrick is tired of his twenty-four-year-old receptionist, Amity Derrington, failing to take her job seriously. Amity is beautiful and smart, but the rich, spoiled girl clearly needs a firm hand, and when she shows up late for work and hung over yet again, Dane lets her know that from now on her behavior will have consequences. It isn’t long before Amity puts Dane’s warning to the test, and she soon ends up over his knee for a long, hard, bare-bottom spanking. Worse still, when Dane learns the extent to which she has neglected her annual check-ups, Amity quickly finds herself receiving the most intimate, embarrassing exam of her life. 

The Right Treatment, by Tara Finnegan 
Things have changed quite a bit in the years since Aoife Devine last saw Matt McDaid, her childhood crush. Working as a doctor on the emergency ward has hardened him, and parties, alcohol, and one-night-stands have taken their toll on her. But when a bad batch of ecstasy sends Aoife to the hospital, she finds herself with no choice but to accept Matt’s help, even if that means obeying his rules. Matt proves fully prepared to back up his orders with a sound spanking, and Aoife soon learns that cooperating with his treatments is not optional, no matter how humiliating they may be for her. 

Amy’s Strict Doctor, by Natasha Knight 
When Amy’s husband, Dr. Cade Hollister, convinces her to take the last class she needs to finish her college degree, she has no idea what is in store for her. Amy has never challenged herself in the past, and when she fakes an illness to avoid the hard work required to pass the course, Cade decides it is time to teach her a much-needed lesson. Before she knows it, her strict husband is taking her temperature the old-fashioned way, and that is just the start. Cade soon demonstrates that he is more than ready to give his wife the discipline she needs, even if it leaves her cheeks blushing as red as her well-spanked bottom. 

Her Old-Fashioned Doctor, by Sue Lyndon 
After she catches her fiancé cheating on her, Melissa packs a suitcase and sets out on a road trip to give herself some time to recover. But things take an unexpected turn when she rear-ends Dr. John Holden’s truck in a tiny rural town and he responds by inviting her for an impromptu dinner date. The handsome medic’s charm and take-charge manner—not to mention his willingness to spank her bare bottom if he feels it necessary—all combine to set Melissa’s heart beating faster than it has in a long time. But is her rapidly growing crush on John merely a rebound fling, or can his hold on her heart last forever? 

The Doctor’s Wife, by Casey McKay 
Christina knew when she married Dr. Dan Connolly that it would be the best decision of her life, but as the years have passed and work and everyday concerns have piled up, their passion has begun to cool. But when Christina becomes so busy and stressed that she stops eating properly, Dan realizes he must step in to ensure that his wife starts taking care of herself again. Dan makes it clear that things need to change, and Christina soon learns that defying the man who is both her doctor and her head of household will earn her a trip over his knee for a bare-bottom spanking. 

Publisher’s Note: What the Doctor Ordered is a collection of five erotic romance novels that includes spankings, sexual scenes, extensive medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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  1. Thanks so much, Casey! Your intro made me blush. I had so much fun working on this collection with you, Natasha, Trent, and Tara! <3

  2. mmm, that was hot!
    LOL, I hope she doesn't endeavor to be too good.
    btw, I LOVE woodsheds!

  3. A woodshed and switches awesome. She has to be bad!

  4. Yum, yum, yum, yum!! Two books & then this set! I need to read faster.