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Hot Excerpt from a Hot Serial! Her Keeper 2~ Helen Karol

Helen Karol was nice enough to share an excerpt from her new edition of her serial Her Keeper.
I read part one and let me just tell you, wow! Rick and Sara have so much chemistry I'm surprised my Kindle didn't melt!! I'm looking forward to seeing what's going on with them and judging by what Helen sent over I will not be disappointed. I won't take up anymore time, go ahead and read her juicy excerpt!

Excerpt - Immediate Discipline!
Rick has left Sara in his office while he goes to the courthouse to deal with the warrant against her. During that time Audra, the foster child they helped last year, turns up in an hysterical state after running away from her foster home. As a county prosecutor Sara has to advise her not to give her any evidence as she cannot act as her advocate. Audra is so distressed Sara decides to write an email quitting immediately so she can act for her, even though Rick has told her not to do anything without his permission
My palms sweat and I grow hot remembering Rick’s hard-edged tone out in the back lot. From now on you will do exactly as I say and only what I say. I cross over to the small office. You will not even breathe without my permission. I take a deep breath and boot up the PC. No words, no movements… I push his words away. This doesn’t count. I’m doing what he wants. Nodding to myself, I sit down and enter the user name and password for my county account. It takes only a few minutes to compose the email. I’m checking it through with the intention of hitting send when I feel his presence at my shoulder.
With a low growl of fury, he reaches over me and hits delete. “Damn it, Sara! Can’t you stay obedient for even half an hour?”
I turn on him, just as furious. “What’d you do that for? It’s my resignation. I am being obedient! You want me to quit.”
Rick is practically tearing his hair out with exasperation. Behind him, Lisa, Sheriff Thomas, Tim Hunt, and Deputy Turner all look on with varying degrees of response. Sheriff Thomas and Tim Hunt are unsuccessfully trying to hide a mixture of resignation and amusement at the familiar sight of Rick and me going at. Deputy Turner, unfamiliar with this sight, looks terrified.
It’s Lisa’s reaction that surprises me. She’s almost as exasperated as Rick. “Rick and I have just spent an extremely unpleasant, far too heated time over at the courthouse with Jim Madison deliberately fighting against your resignation so we can use it as a bargaining chip! You could’ve really screwed things up with that email. If he knew you actually want to resign we’d lose all our hard work and you’d be in a lot more trouble. He’s being a real prick over this, Sara. Can’t you at least talk to us before you go off half-cocked!”
I turn white, feeling like an idiot. I’d be furious with a client I’d told to sit tight while I brokered them a deal if they did this. No wonder they're both mad. I drop my head in shame, robbed of a response. I gulp when out of the corner of my eye, I see Rick roll up his sleeve. Any misbehavior will be dealt with immediately and I won’t care where we are or who’s watching.
Oh Fuck. I look around. There’s nowhere for me to run. I’m trapped in this tiny office. My heartbeat goes into overtime, humiliation engulfing me at the certain knowledge that I’m about to be turned across Rick’s knee in front of them all.
I almost pass out with gratitude when he turns and tells them. “Shows over. Give us some space.” Obeying him they disperse.
My gratitude quickly disappears, replaced with gulping fear at Rick’s furious glower as he steps in and closes the door and locks it. True to his promise of immediate action, he takes my arm, turns me sideways, hikes up my dress, and whips down my panties. Already emotional, I’m in floods of tears after only two furious spanks. He continues on and on, his hard hand whipping up against my jiggling globes, relentlessly. I dance around on the spot while he dishes out his discipline, hopping and howling in my stocking feet like a little girl receiving her well deserved comeuppance. I want to beg him to stop, but I know I’ve got it coming so I just sob my apologies instead.
My ass is blazing and I’m sobbing like a baby when he stops abruptly, sits on the edge of the desk, and pulls me into his arms. “Sara, honey. When are you going to let me take care of you? Trust me? Obey me? You agreed to that this weekend, remember? Is what I ask of you really so hard?”


Her Keeper 2: In His Custody Part 2
The warrant reignites Rick and Sara's feud and may damage their weekend deal. Can Rick assert his authority enough to convince Sara to trust him or is the battle on again? And will that dress that Sara wore to tease Rick arouse his fantasies so much that she ends up with a lot more than she bargained for? 
Sara is drawn to the teenage girl who needs her protection, while Luke's murder investigations unearth information that worries Rick about Sara's safety. Keeping her close becomes imperative.
Join Rick and Sara as their sizzling romance grows even hotter!
Her Keeper is an ongoing e-serial that unfolds over multiple volumes ranging from 8,000 to 22,000 words each. An erotic romance with explicit sexual content and elements of BDSM, it has a hot cop (two actually), sexy frisking, spanking, cuffing, anal play, a crazy, hot proposition and two people who are stubbornly in love. 

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