Monday, November 3, 2014

I'm Still Learning Things...

I realized this past weekend that I did not post one post between Saturday Spankings. That's a little odd for me, did you guys miss me?

You don't have to answer that!

Anyway, it is a new month. November is here, and I am not quite sure how that happened- I was still waiting for one more beach day after Labor Day hit. Now I am ready to turn the heat on in the house!

I feel like I learned a lot of new things this past month. Maybe not so new, maybe some things just dawned on me and I was all- oh, right, time to pay attention!

1. I am allowed to say "No".- This is mostly about not stretching myself so thin. I don't have to be everything for everybody and I feel like I can say no without being a bitch. Most of the time at least. Sometimes I am still feeling a little guilty, but there are only so many hours in the day!

2. I need sleep to function.- Crazy, right? Why had I not figured this out before? I wake up extra early in the morning so I can write before going to my day job. I started to realize if I went to bed too late, and then got up super early- I couldn't function. I was getting nothing done, plus I was cranky, overwhelmed, and just tired! I've been more conscious about getting more sleep and I have been a much happier person.

3. Getting your fingers run over is no fun.- So this might not apply to most of the population, but I am sporting a pinky that is three different shades of purple because I didn't tuck my fingers in when I took a spill on the roller derby track this past week. All I can think is, thank god I didn't break any fingers! It would be hard to type with broken digits.

4. I am more productive without the internet.- I took some vacation days at the beginning of the month and me and Mr. McKay were staying at a hotel without internet access. I wrote half a book in three days! Just in the mornings before he woke up. I think it was because I wasn't distracted. No email, no facebook, nothing shiny drawing me away. It's just an observation, I'm not actually doing anything with this little factoid I discovered.

5. Theodore Roosevelt would have been medicated if he grew up in present day.- So this is not a fact about myself, but it is still something I learned. We have been watching the Ken Burns' documentary on the Roosevelts and it is way more interesting than I anticipated. Teddy Roosevelt was a crazy man, I mean, for reals. He was a crazy kid, who definitely would have ended up medicated and in therapy if it were present day. But back then they were just like- hey! play a sport, go kill some bears! And then he became president.

That was fun, right? Maybe I will make this a monthly occurrence- Things I Learned This Month.

Probably not, as I am terrible at starting any kind of series, but this was fun at least.


  1. I too get so much more done when I sleep and unplug! For some reason both are extremely hard to do on a daily basis. ;)

    1. They are very hard to do! And I try to keep it in mind... but somehow I am still ending up tired and overloaded.

  2. Please do this monthly! Great post, Casey :)
    I need to follow your lead and get offline for a few days.
    (maybe myself for part of it too!)
    Hope your fingers are recovering


    1. It was just one pinky, and it seems to be okay now. The purplish faded, thanks! It's hard to stay offline, but it is such a time suck!

  3. I'm just giggling...I will probably remember that little fact about Teddy R forever... yes on doing this monthly or when you remember and calling it monthly!

    1. Seriously, he was crazy! I mean he seemed like he would have been fun to hang out with, but like that friend you can only hang out with seldomly because they exhaust you!

  4. This was a fun post! Except your finger! Sorry about your finger. I think you've found the key to happiness & productivity...unplug & sleep. Interesting fact about Teddy Rosevelt. Now I'm feeling compelled to look up more about him.