Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Let's Talk About Oral- LOL Day!

Welcome, LOL Day-ers! We do Love Our Lurkers, don't we? I know I do! Thanks to Hermione for heading this whole thing up! So today is about showing appreciation for all the lurkers, because we all started as one, right? Well I know I did.

If you are reading this and you are one of these unnamed people that floats in and out of blog land hopping from post to post, reading and connecting, but never commenting- know that you are completely welcome to keep doing that- there is no judgement here. But if you do want to leave a comment, we love that too! Sometimes, as a blogger, you start to feel like you're talking to yourself. 

Anyway, I have a random- What's Going On in Casey's Head post for you today! 

The other day Mr. McKay and I were texting about dinner (because really, that is the inevitable question- What's for dinner?)

He had it all figured out- which is not the only reason I am married to him, but it sure is a perk! I added to our meal completeness with having baked a cake the night before, so not only did we have a meal- we also had dessert! Hooray! It was one of those things where everything came together and it just made me smile (yes, I realize I am only talking about dinner here, but a girl's gotta eat!).

Moving along, I followed up my joyousness with a reply to my husband: Blow jobs for everyone!

He was rightfully confused, as you don't call oral sex on a woman a blow job. I was meaning we are so adult and awesome in planning our nighttime meal that we should reward each other with some oral sex. But I guess the way I put it meant there would be various men receiving blow jobs in our home. Which, hey, might be a nice night for some- but I am a one man kinda girl.

We began discussing this during our well planned and thought out meal. And I proposed that girls could have blow jobs too. Yes, why not just call it a blow job for a girl too? People still know what you mean!

Mr. McKay: Because that isn't what it's called.

Me: Then what is it called?

Mr. McKay: Not that.

Me (batting eyes seductively): Come on, don't you want to give me a blow job?

He recoils in horror: No, I don't. Stop saying it.

Me: Okay, how about some oral copulation?

Mr. McK: You really know how to kill something, don't you?

So yes, I know we can describe giving oral sex to a female as "going down on her" which I prefer so much more than "eating her out" which sounds vulgar even to my ears.

But really, besides oral sex or cunnilingus (which really, who says that?)- there isn't anything fun and sexy to call it.

I think it needs a new name, I say we start something here!

I also think blow job is a terrible term as well, but it is way better than "eating out"- who thought these up? 

So do me a favor, think up a better term for these oral sex acts and post them in the comments. Come on lurkers! De-lurk for one day and help the good of the people! I need some new, sexy terms to use in my next novella ;)


  1. Hello..glad to meet you. Love this post. Hmmm....tasting your sweetness.....maybe that is too sugary...LOL
    hugs abby

  2. Don't rule out cunnilingus! I say that often IRL b/c it sounds like a guy who conquered an empire. And really, if you're going to conquer an empire, that's a good way to start.

    There are some horrible names for "going downtown." I like getting head, tasting the honey pot, and licking the lady. Worshiping her temple? Too new age?

    1. A guy who conquered an empire? LOL I love that!

      Is getting head an interchangeable term? I thought it was only for guys? Clearly I am not well versed in verbiage!

  3. I'm just laughing. Just laughing...licking the lady gets my vote! I'll build on it...How about licking the lady bits. Romantic, I know.

    1. For some reason I think of licking her lady bits as being very proper. "May I lick your lady bits, madam?" he asks politely.

    2. Licking your lady bits is very proper! You know I am into the period piece stuff ;)

  4. Hi Casey,

    Thanks for joining us for L0L 9.


  5. Okay Casey, you won! This LOL day post takes the cake! I agree with Aubrey 100%! Taking the empire! Cunnilingus is definitely the right way to start! Haha!

  6. I have no clue - I'm always looking for different ways for all our of sexy stuff. Glad you joined the LOL Day. If you get any good answers, please be sure to pass them on to the rest of us.

  7. I think you and your writer friends are cunning linguists. I'm not sure how you're groomed down there (feel free to share), so several euphemisms related to hair might not apply.. But how about... lickety- split? Australian French kiss? (its a french kiss "down under" get it?)

  8. If a blow job is called a BJ fpr short, why not call the female version a PJ (pussy job)?

  9. Clueless here. Agree with Leigh, pass them on kf you get any good answers.


  10. Happy LOL Day to you, Casey! First time dropping by! Hmmm... Not sure that I can come up with anything for you about this. I think I've heard "taste some goodness" a few times. LOL! I'm with the folks above- please do share your answers. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  11. Happy LOL day Casey. My first time to visit but your blog sure sounds intriguing. Got my interest straight away since you are talking about one of my favorite pastimes! Always said "going down or her" but I like Cara's idea, PJ!


  12. Oral pleasure? Muff Diving? I agree blow job is a bad term too!