Friday, April 18, 2014

A Warning- Saturday Spankings

Welcome to my Saturday Spankings offering! Please be sure to follow the links at the bottom for more sexy snippets!

Today I have something from Emmaline's Groom. Leo was giving Emma a 'warning' spanking, that she requested, in order to give her incentive to follow the rules. Although, Emma started enjoying her spanking a little too much. Will Leo give her what she wants?

He used his free hand to rub away the heat, sending a pulse straight to her sex. 

Tell me what will happen if you get yourself into trouble?” He brought it down on her left cheek and she half cried half moaned at the pain.

You will spank me,” she panted out, dying to find the release he had not given her.

With what?” He brought the brush down a third time, right in the middle, catching both cheeks and coming dangerously close to her sex.

My brush!” The words tumbled out and she thrusts her hips up at him. “Please,” she pleaded.

He pulled her up with him as he rose to his feet. He wrapped her legs around his waist and supported her weight by cupping her hot bottom.

Emmaline Lawford, the youngest daughter of an English Marquess, is intended to marry. Though to whom might be up for debate. Her older brother, Samuel, has his sights set on marrying her off to a Duke. Emmaline finally accepts her fate, until a breach in etiquette finds her back in the arms of the man she truly loves.

Leo Colston is stunned when Emmaline is thrust back into his life. He had resigned himself to the fact that he would never marry the woman he loved. Now they are taking hasty wedding vows and being urged to move to America, where they can leave the talk of scandal behind them.

Emma and Leo realize settling into marriage is not going to be as smooth sailing as they thought. As they try to work out their differences and get used to living in close quarters Emmaline finds herself in trouble with her new husband on more than one occasion. Leo's favorite way to end an argument is to take his lady over his knee and spank her bare bottom until she submits. Emma thinks he should just give in to her womanly charms. Who will win this battle of wills?

Emmaline's Groom is a stand alone book, but is also the first book in The Ravenswood Manor series.

This book includes spankings, graphic sex, anal play, and more. If any of this subject matter offends you, please do not purchase this book.

Emmaline's Groom is on sale now on Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Blushing Books and All Romance


  1. I love when she has to say it out loud. I don't know why but that is always so hot for me! Very nice.

  2. I love the way the urgency comes through in this snippet, both for the release and for the pain to stop. Really hot.

  3. It's really going to be hard to punish this girl with spanking - but I have a feeling he's willing to try.

  4. I have a feeling she is going to get everything she wants and more.

  5. oh he is doing a wonderful job with this spanking! I love the attention to her wanting but not getting release

  6. The hairbrush will certainly help her to behave! Good snippet.

  7. "With what? -my brush"... what more could you want in a spanking filled eros lending scene... a wonderful "heat of the moment" scene...