Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Bit of Spring Fever

I think I am feeling a bit of spring fever this week. I was blaming my un-productiveness on hormones originally (because I am a woman and I believe it is my God-given right to blame things on hormones), but now I am wondering if maybe it is also a case of spring fever. Probably a combination of both. But whatever the case I signed up for nothing this week. No Saturday Spankings, no Dungeon Crawl, just the thought of putting the posts together made me tired. Lazy, right?

Anyway, I am sure I will be back in full swing next week, and I am not beating myself up over this week. I think it's hard to create on command and sometimes my brain won't fit into working around my retail job schedule and roller derby practice. Next week will be better.

In other news, I somehow landed in the top 50 on Blushing Books! I am completely blown away by the sales of Emmaline's Groom and I just wanted to thank everyone who has been supporting me and buying it!

Hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday. I plan on perusing some Sat Spanks posts later. 

Mr. McKay just asked if my afternoon plans involved cleaning in a french maid outfit. I am going to go see what I can rustle up from the lingerie box...

Hopefully, no actual cleaning will be occurring! 


  1. Ha! How disappointing would that be if your husband asked you dress as a saucy french maid and then just expected you to clean the house.

    I totally sympathise about the lack of time to do stuff. I am trying to find time to write the new book and promote the existing book on top of a full time job and studying for a bachelor's degree. It's frustrating because I would much rather be writing spanking fiction than doing my day job!

    And congratulations on the success of Emmaline's Groom. Totally deserved.

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  3. Now that sounds like fun. Who cares about cleaning or SS, choose french maid any day!!

  4. I think you should definitely 'clean' in a french maid outfit. Mr. McKay has awesome ideas.

  5. Oh, he totally wanted me to clean the house but I artfully distracted him ;)
    It was a good day!

  6. Congratulations on the top 50!

    Sorry about the Spring Fever, but I can empathize. I've had it rough too. :(

    Hope the, ahem, cleaning, went well.