Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Good Girl Spanking- Dungeon Crawl

Welcome back to this week's addition to Dungeon Crawl, powered by Romancing the Kink. I was absent last week, but now I am back in action!

Today I have a little piece from Emmaline's Groom. You see, Emma has asked Leo to spank her so she can "remember to be good" but really, I have a feeling Emma just likes to get spanked. But she also likes it on her own terms. I really have no idea where I draw this inspiration from! We are joining them after Leo has already spanked her with his hand.

He stopped and the only sound in the cabin was both of them panting for air. He released her hand that he had captured at the small of her back. Emma jerked as his hand lightly grazed her chastised bottom, he rubbed light circles and she let out a moan. Her legs we splayed open from her gyrating around and she was not aware that he had the most perfect view of her sex, until he dipped his fingers in. She jerked her head up and tensed around his hand.

Leo laughed, “Was someone enjoying her spanking?”

She felt her face heat up, but she would not answer him, she could never make such an admission. This was about trying to be a good wife, that was all, she was not actually getting any enjoyment out of it. As he withdrew his hand and she felt instantly empty, she knew she would never be able to convince herself, never mind Leo, that she did not like to be spanked.

We can take care of that soon,” he soothed her, rubbing his hand along her buttocks and thighs. She raised her bottom up toward him, trying to angle her sex in such a way that he would touch her again.

She felt something cold against her bottom, it was not Leo's hand anymore and she glanced back to look.

What is that?” She could not quite see over her shoulder.

He held it up for her to see it. It was her ivory hairbrush. Her heavy, ivory hairbrush. She immediately tried to push herself up, but he held her in place.

You are not getting away.”

Leo, please. No more. I cannot take it.”

You asked me for a reminder, did you not?” He slid the cool, flat surface across her cheeks.

She answered with a groan.

You will be on your best behavior now, correct?” He slid the brush down to the crease under her bottom, right above her thighs.

The thought of him striking her there with this unforgiving implement had her blurting out her answer, “Yes! I will be good!”

Because you have already been reminded, so if you need to be punished I will not just use my hand.”

Emmaline's Groom is available for purchase here:

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  2. "Yes, I will be good" -Indeed... Such a lovely and sensually erotic look at her character... I love her independence and her yearning desires present...

  3. What a deliciously sensual excerpt! I very much enjoyed this peek into their relationship.

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