Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Mile High Club?~ #ScintillatingSunday

Thanks for joining me for Scintillating Sunday, brought to you by Mile High Muses. I'm sharing 8 paragraphs from my new release Bound which is available at multiple outlets now.

In this scene Martin is whisking his girlfriend Melissa off to a surprise destination. She's a little shaken up from something that happened in the airport and he decides some stress relief is in order, but that doesn't mean he's going to take any crap from her.

After letting her wait a few minutes, he rifled through his carry-on and slipped a pouch into his pants pocket. Making his way to the restrooms, he knocked lightly on the only one of the three that was occupied.

Melissa cracked the door open and raised her eyebrows at him. She tried to shuffle back a step, but her feet wouldn’t move and she ended up leaning back to let him enter. “We can’t fuck in here,” she whispered.

He looped an arm around her waist, holding her close as he shut and locked the door behind them. They barely fit in the small space together, but her talk of fucking had him hardening in his pants. “You don’t think we can renew our membership to the mile-high club?”

She snorted. “No, I do not.”

He delighted in making her laugh, even if it was a scoff. They had imbibed in too many in-flight beverages and then loudly banged in a bathroom during a trip in their twenties. Looking around, he wondered how they had managed. “Pull down your pants,” he instructed, releasing her from his hold and giving her an extra inch of room.

“Why? What do you think is going to happen in here?” She rolled her eyes.

Catching her chin, he pinched until she met his eyes. “Don’t question me. Is this really how you want to start off our trip?”

She narrowed her eyes, but didn’t respond. Her chest raised and lowered as her breathing sped up.

Melissa's longtime boyfriend, Martin, is taking her on the trip of a lifetime. It might be just what they need since she has felt a disconnect with him lately. But her overactive mind convinces her that he's planned the trip for the sole purpose of dumping her... until he brings up the subject of marriage again.

Martin doesn't know how else to convince Melissa that they are destined to be together forever. He's left his exclusive BDSM club in the hands of a capable friend and whisked her away to a private island. He can't figure out why she revels in physical bonds, but balks at the bonds of marriage. It's not a challenge the seasoned Dom in him is ready to back down from.

When secrets from Melissa's past threaten to come to light and her well-being and safety are put at risk, can Martin protect the woman his world revolves around? Or will he end up losing everything that matters to him?

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