Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Our Favorite Books!

I read. A lot. 

Sometimes I'll read a book and it will stay with me. Those are always the best. I'll recommend it to a friend, or re-read it, even if it's just a scene.

Or I will still be thinking about parts of it weeks or even months after I am done with it. Be it an engaging story line, witty dialogue, or characters I wish I knew in real life—sometimes certain books stick with you.

The end of the year is coming and there are a lot of year-end favorites lists being made. 

Spanking Romance Reviews is doing a "Best of 2015" for all books that fall into the spanking romance category (I think the criteria is it has to have some spanking and it has to be a romance—and it should be from 2015).

The nomination round is open until January 16th and there are a lot of categories! So you can nominate all of your favorite books from the year. You know, those books you just couldn't let go of even after you reached the words "The End".

Go back through your Kindle and refresh your memory. Who was your favorite book boyfriend this year? Was there a sci-fi romance you just cannot get out of your mind?

Click on the form and try to nominate something for each category (or just fill in the ones you can).

Nominate Here

Make sure you go back over to Spanking Romance Reviews after January 18th so you can vote for your choices! (And if you're anything like me, you'll end up with twenty more books you'll want to read.)


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