Friday, December 18, 2015

The Man Who Wouldn't Spank and His Christmas Elf

I've had off from the day job this week so Mr. McKay and I have gotten to spend a lot of time together. It's been great. I've enjoyed every minute of it.

I'm sure he has too. Although, don't ask him while I am in the middle of blaring Christmas music and decking the halls. He quietly sticks his ear buds in and goes back to hunching over his laptop while I belt out Christmas carols and take pictures of the cats getting into the Christmas decorations.

Just an average day in our house.

Mr. McKay is a self-proclaimed Grinch. Although, I will let you in on a secret. I don't think he is very grinch-y at all. 

His reasons are:

He hates Christmas music (to be honest, I don't blame him on this, and he is pretty picky about his music selections in general).

He hates when stores put Christmas stuff out too early.

He hates the commercialization of the holiday.

He doesn't want anything for Christmas.

I can counter all of these reasons (he doesn't listen to me though). The actual Grinch wanted ALL of the presents. He robbed Who-ville of all of their Christmas things, so not wanting gifts actually does not make you a grinch (it makes it annoying for your wife who is still trying to find something to buy you, but it doesn't make you a grinch).

Getting annoyed about the commercialization of the holiday? I think that makes you even more the opposite of a grinch. Yes, Christmas decorations popping up in stores around the end of August kind of ruins the season for me too. It shouldn't be forced upon us too early, that's just overkill.

Before we were married, one of the first Christmases we spent together, we were literally scraping together change from the cup holders in the car to buy presents for our families. We went to a discount store the week before Christmas and they had a Toys for Tots donation box. It was Mr. McKay's idea to buy two toys to put in the box, even though we were already on a limited budget and had numerous gifts to buy. We both picked out a toy and dropped them in the box on our way out.

That's not very grinch-like.

One year we were so short on cash and we were both working multiple jobs, I declared I wasn't putting up a tree. I was too tired and my heart wasn't in it. I came home one day to our artificial tree standing in the living room. He put it up himself and stacked the decorations next to it, because that's my favorite part. Would a grinch do that?

Maybe I am just ruining his street cred. He's built up a reputation of being a Holidays hating, grinchy, Scrooge. And he does get visibly annoyed anytime I argue that he isn't.

To me he isn't any of those things. He's loving and generous and kind. He's open minded and non-judgmental. When I presented him with my kinky side he rose to the challenge and experimented with me. There's been plenty of Christmases and birthdays now where he has gifted me with spanking implements and sex toys. 

From a man who didn't want to spank me because he was afraid of hurting me, to someone who doesn't need an implement in his hand to make me sore for hours (as I write this I have a huge smile on my face).

He'll spend half his day driving to different stores in congested holiday shopper craziness to find the perfect Christmas socks to put in my stocking. And he'll spend half his night researching spanking, among other things, to indulge his crazy wife.

He can call himself a grinch if he wants to. I'll try not to let everyone I meet know how untrue that is. I'm excited to spend the rest of my Chistmases with him.

He's taking me out tonight to see Elf at a local movie theater. We'll smuggle in Christmas cookies in my purse. He'll tell you he is in it for the cookies. But when he takes the long way home so we can look at Christmas lights I'll pretend not to notice that he forgot to be a grinch, just for a little bit.

He might be a grump, but he isn't a grinch. And he's all mine.


  1. aww, I love this!
    Mr. McKay sounds so awesome.
    Have tonight smuggling in cookies!

  2. Oh Casey, what a darling man you have there. I think this is a great post, a lovely tribute to a scrumptious husband ;). Hope you both have lots of lovely Christmas's together
    love Jan,xx