Thursday, December 10, 2015

Non-Existent Holiday Stress

It just dawned on me that Christmas is in two weeks and we are probably at the height of holiday craziness. Oddly enough, I am not stressed.

This is normally the week I turn into a ball of stress. I spin around trying to do everything, feeling like I am falling short on all fronts. Many times there are tears, and yelling, and irrational displays of temper. Most times there should be lots and lots of spanking.

So far I am pretty even-keeled. We're having oddly warm weather here in the northeast, so I am wondering if the mild temperature is making me think it isn't Christmas. It's like when we were kids and my parents took us to spend Christmas in Disney World. Me and my brothers thought it was great to wear shorts and go swimming on Christmas day, but since we were used to a frigid northeast holiday it kind of felt like Christmas never happened.

I'm listening to Christmas tunes and I decorated the house. I'm getting some online shopping done and I am almost waiting for the stress to descend. Is this the calm before the storm?

Speaking of online shopping, does anyone have any ideas what to get the husband who claims he wants nothing? I was perusing some items today, but then realized I was shopping for myself.

I came across this:

They sell them in pairs for some reason. Then I realize, while Mr. McKay is a sportslover, I don't think he has ever expressed the desire to own a ping pong table. I of course was interested for a different reason. (I don't really like wooden implements, but perhaps the rubber coating does something to it?)

How about a new belt?

I drooled over leather for a little while, but then decided he really doesn't like getting clothes. This kind of falls into the clothes realm.

Maybe a new wooden spoon?

Yikes, no thanks! 

(Clearly I have something on the brain and it's not shopping.)

What if I bought him boring socks and underwear and wrapped a belt around them?

Maybe I'll just buy myself some new underwear and see what I can inspire. Getting a spanking without having a meltdown? It surely will be a Christmas miracle!


  1. HI Casey, what an unusual post for this time of year, lol. Mostly all the posts around this time are full of stress related spankings and dramas. I think it is your youth that gives you the resilience to rise above it all! Good luck on the present buying, My only advice would be no wooden anythings be they covered in plastic or not,but spend a fortune and hope he notices the credit card bill ;)
    love Jan,xx

  2. I get stressed this time of year too. And I haven't started the shopping, as usual. sigh. Love your ideas!