Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Threat

Let me give you a little back story, a lead up to this epic threat I am about to share.

This past winter I threw myself into the world of spanking fiction author-dom. “I can do this.” I said. “This will be so much fun.” I said. “This is the outlet I am looking for!”

And I did and it was and it is. My husband was super supportive, he figured out all the techy stuff, just let me do my thing. Made me an awesome cover, uploaded my book, helped me to figure out my marketing.

Then I started book #2, then I stopped, then I switched to another idea, then I stopped. Then I came up with a third idea- decided to stick with the second. Completely revamped second idea. I literally have made zero progress for months...

My husband is nice, supportive, asks me what I think is going wrong. Well, I've been busy, I've been distracted, I've been stressed (turns out I am super good at excuses and validating my non-productiveness).

He tried to help me come up with a better writing schedule, he tried to help me stick to said writing schedule. Turns out I get very defensive when someone else is trying to tell me when I 'should' be writing.

Finally, I got the “If you're doing this, then do it. There is no can't, just do it” lecture. I was blinking back tears- I asked him why he was being so mean. (I realize this was unfair of me, I was pretty much begging him to support me and keep me on track and then he gets real with me and I cry.)

But you know what? I buckled down and got to writing... for like a week. And then I was back to being busy, and distracted, and stressed- and I have all these other ideas, if I just maybe quit this one book, then I can- Oh, wait, I see what I am doing here.

Saturday we had another 'talk' then came the threat. We set a time frame, some goals, figured out some marketing, and then-

“I'm just not going to spank you until your book's done.”

What?? My head whips around, he's not serious, right?

My husband has said repeatedly that he doesn't think Domestic Discipline would work for a spanko like me, you know, because I like getting spanked.

Didn't he just reverse it though? He's still using spanking as a punishment, but he's keeping it from me!

I feel like we are celebrating Opposite Day over here, nothing is what it seems.

I'm feeling strangely motivated to write though...


  1. LMAO Casey- yeah, they are rotten :D my Master's favorite joke goes... "oh I hate my characters, I can't get into this sex scene. (Master) You're always in the middle of a sex scene. Should I spank you, make you give me a BJ?"

  2. LOL Joelle!

    I understood, Cara! And yes, he knows me TOO well actually, the jerk...

  3. She asks- as I have been emailing her all morning :P

    Natasha- I'm just distracted and tired and I need some coffee and ohh shiny...

  4. LOL, Casey.
    I still think you should remind him that positive reinforcement could go a long way in achieving a goal!

    I propose a good girl spanking!
    How about a certain number of swats for every scene you write?

    5 swats for 5 scenes?
    Mmmmmm, that would be lovely!

    I would work for that kind of reward!

    As for the DD side of things:
    My husband actually said the same thing when we started our journey together. He felt that a spanking wouldn't deter me, since I like being spanked.

    But we were able to negotiate, and work around some different issues. The biggest one being, that I hate being lectured and knowing that I have done something wrong.

    A punishment spanking given in that context is not enjoyable for me. So I do everything I can to earn GGS's instead. :)

    Great post, Casey!
    Good luck with the writing :)

  5. Casey you two totally crack me up! I bet that concentrated your mind way better than the threat of getting a spanking would!- It would for me anyway.

  6. Smart man! Wow, he is your champion! He really is trying every angle until he finds what works for you. That is an hoh if I have ever heard of one or otherwise knows as loving supportive partner.

  7. Known not knows! Wish there was an edit button. I'm actually considering getting rid of my smart phone to lesson the distractions & overwhelming compulsion to let it consume me. I feel so much more peaceful without it.

  8. It's just plain mean. :p Maybe he could break it into smaller bites-- like "I'll spank you each time you finish a chapter"??

  9. Thanks ladies!
    And I agree, Renee!
    I agree, positive reinforcement, right? I brought it up again and he said if I made 'significant progress' I would be rewarded... now what are we considering 'significant progress'?? I have not been enlightened yet.
    If I am MIA from the internet for a while I am writing my little heart out!

  10. Sounds very effective! Kudos to your husband for keeping you in line. :)

  11. Sort of what I wrote about the other day on my blog. Sigh.

  12. About not being able to write? Yes, I read this. Did I comment? I meant to... But yeah, I am finding it ridiculously hard lately.

  13. Replies
    1. it is still effective! Luckily I am more into the swing of things with writing now- but he still threatens with not spanking me a lot. Which I hate and it works, so there you go.