Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Romantic Letter Writing

I came home from work the other day and found this post it stuck on the bathroom mirror.

My husband wasn't even home, so obviously I didn't listen to the note, because who was I getting naked for? I did turn around and go back into the bedroom to find myself some sexier underwear.

I met him at a friends house later on in the day and when we were alone whispered to him that I got his note.
“You did? I thought you'd at least send me a picture.”
I laughed at this. My husband receiving a naked selfie of me while he was sitting on our friends' couch watching football with them and their 3 year old? He's a nut.
I told him I did put on some sexy underwear. Which lead to him grabbing and groping me every chance he could get when no one was looking. (Or perhaps they were looking and we are just those weird married friends that can't stop touching each other.)

I keep coming back to the note though. As silly and seemingly unromantic as it sounds- it gave me the flutters. 1. He was thinking about me while we were apart, not only thinking about me, but thinking about me naked. 2. He was telling me something might happen between us later on that night.

I love the anticipation and the build up to the moment.

I was reading this book about the Victorian Era in England and there was a whole chapter about letter writing. Specifically about people corresponding with the people they were having extra-marital affairs with. If you get past the whole 'extra-marital affair' thing it is actually really romantic. I understand they were writing letters because it was their only form of communication. But I feel like you can convey so much more in the written word that you might be too timid to say in person.

Personally, I feel like my husband and I communicate more through text, emails, and notes than we might in speaking. But we have always been like this, maybe because of the generation we are from. When we were dating in high school we passed notes in the hallway. College we had instant messenger and email. We broke up for a while and rekindled our relationship through email. It was safer, I wasn't up to a face to face rejection- but a simple “Hey, I'm around if you want to meet up,” seemed to be a good ice breaker. It gave us the space to talk things out before we jumped back into a friendship and a possible relationship again.

The night before our wedding, my husband wrote me a letter. I still think this was the most romantic gesture ever, it came right from his heart and it makes me tear up every time I read it. I of course was up half the night making a home made guest book and stressing about a possible zit out break on my chin- so my romantic letter writing gesture was not returned until a few weeks later.

We don't make a habit of romantic letter writing, our wedding was four years ago and that was the last time either of us wrote the other a letter. Our post- it notes and sexting may not be as romantic as Victorian letter writing, but it's what makes us Us.

Odes and poems rhyming eye color with various feelings might be some girls' cup of tea, but I'll take a random “Wanna bang?” text any day of the week!  


  1. How sweet and romantic. It is nice that you connect in that way.

  2. What works best is contextual to the time, culture, and couple individual. I had to laugh at your "Wanna bang?" but hey...if it makes you fluttery, then lucky you. :D

  3. I never claimed to be normal, Ana. :P

  4. Nice post, Casey! I used to write pretty love letters, until my ex-husband used them against me in court for our divorce. After that, I switched to: 'Nothing in Writing'. I still love them, though. There's nothing like a love letter.

  5. Angie that's awful! Luckily my notes I leave my husband like "Remember you're lunch! I'll see your sexy ass later." Wouldn't really be relevant in court.
    I could see how you wouldn't want to put anything in writing anymore.

  6. So sweet!
    I love that you guys are still "that couple", and send each other romantic notes with whatever technology is available.

    Very cool!
    I think a trial run with Skype might also be in order :)

    Great post!

  7. This reminds me of me and my hubby. He has a bad habit of reading texts out loud. I didn't notice until he read one I sent that said, I am wearing that sexy black lace panties and bra that you like ;) Of course there was a lull in the noise level as he was practically screaming "sexy black lace". He figured out what he was reading before he got to the word panties. LOL. He got some odd looks. Mine were more, uh... appraising.

  8. Kate- Like sexy skype? I'll have to keep that one in mind if we are ever apart for a long period of time!

    Maddie- do you text your husband while you're in the same room? We do that all the time and then try to have our phones out at different times so it doesnt look like we're talking to each other. I am cracking up at your husband reading the text out loud!! Too funny!

  9. I totally get you getting flutters from the note! He sounds awesome!!!