Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Begging to Be Taken~ WIP It Up Wednesday

I have to apologize for missing the last few Wednesdays. I feel like my weeks fly by so fast that I never realize I've missed Wip It Up until late in the evening! It's usually like, oh yeah, today IS Wednesday. 

I've been working tirelessly on finishing this fourth book from The Masters of Fetishes series and I am proud to announce it is finally finished! Check out books 1-3 if you haven't read them yet because Claimed will be coming out soon. As soon as I finish that editing thing.

Today I am continuing on from the same scene. Dani is in a hotel room for a secret rendezvous with the Dom she found on the internet. If you missed the first two installments you can find them here and here. This picks up where the last one left off. 

"You're stubborn, but you're a fast learner. Do you know I'm not joking now when I tell you to do something?"
"I'm sorry," she breathed out. She couldn't do it just a few days before. Couldn't make herself beg. But now it seemed she couldn't stop.
"I'm not. I got to see you twice in one week." He winked at her.
She never liked a man who winked. It was as if he was telling you he said something funny and he knew it. But this man? He could wink at her whenever he wanted. In fact, the thought of him winking at another woman made her want to gouge his eyes out.
He had her hands bound behind her back, she was sitting on the only chair in the hotel room with her legs splayed wide. He'd attached her ankles to the front legs. The cool air on her pussy had only served to remind her how wanting she'd been for two days. She was going to lose her mind if he didn't give her some attention soon.
As if reading her mind, he released her ankles and pulled her upright. "Let's go, gorgeous. You'll get a reward for your pretty little begging. But first, to finish your punishment."

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  1. Oh Casey, great snippet, I love this series
    love Jan, xx

  2. Sounds like a great series. Love the dynamics re the restraints.

  3. Oo such a hot snip! I wanted to quibble at the "gouge his eyes out"- I'm just too non-monogamous to get that- but her pondering on not begging and how hot this dom is. love it!

  4. Love the snippet! I completely agree with her about the winking - I hate it when a guy does that... unless he's a hot guy like this one, and then he can wink at me all he likes!

  5. Do we get to see her reward next. Please say yes. Please. :)