Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Risky Rendevous~ #WipItUp Wednesday

It's Wednesday again! Time to Wip It Up! I'm sharing more from my fourth installment of The Masters of Fetishes series. Check out books 1-3.

This is from book 4, with the working title of Claimed. If you miss the last snippet you can find it here. This picks up where the last one left off. 

“Please, please Master, I’ll take anything you want to give me.”
He smiled then, gave her a truly genuine grin. “There it is. Was that so hard?”
If he only knew. Danielle Bradshaw did not beg. She certainly did not call some man Master. But something about this made it okay. Something about him. Another piece of her armor slipped away, and something else slid into place making her feel more centered.
“Please, Master,” she begged again in lieu of answering his question. Did he really want to know how hard it was for her? He wasn’t her therapist. But it was why she stopped going to her local BDSM dungeon. She craved to surrender, but none of the men were worth surrendering to. She’d even opened her options and tried a few women. 
She knew it was her, something deep down that wouldn’t let go of her strongly guarded control. Even when she quit the dungeon, she didn’t stop trying. Her rendezvous were more private and riskier than they had been in the past. That’s how she came about having a weekly session in a hotel room with this man she found on the internet. They used aliases, she wasn’t supposed to know his real name. But she did. 

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  1. Ah, excellent way to capture the internal conflict with just a few words. Nicely done, and great excerpt!