Sunday, November 1, 2015

Life and Updates

I keep seeing on facebook all the people who signed up for NaNoWriMo, and to them I say, Good luck!

Thinking about having a daily word count that I would have to hit is almost making me nauseous. If I broke another body part (I am in no way asking the universe to make that happen, to be clear), then I could probably do it. But my last few weeks have been so busy and packed with life that I couldn't even sign up for blog hops.

Yes, blog hops. Meaning a thing I don't need too much brain power to do, it's just every time I have a spare moment mindlessly clicking through facebook and looking at silly cat pictures seems WAY more appealing.

I am remembering back to not too long ago when I was laid up on the couch with my bum ankle. Oh, it's still being a dick, but I can walk, it just hurts to walk sometimes. 

And I am skating too, and playing roller derby. Because the doctor says I am healed and nothing is broken and will not re-break from normal exercise. So if it's going to hurt anyway I may as well have fun, right?

My point is—the reason I signed on here tonight—is to say that I was getting really good at keeping up with my blog and writing every day on my book while I was broken. And now I am technically unbroken and things have suffered. Not for lack of trying!

I am getting so dangerously close to the end of my next book I can taste it! And I had uninterrupted time to work on it today and it felt so good. But I have been beating myself up about it and getting pissed that I haven't been blogging and haven't been keeping up with my own self-imposed word count goals. 

So yeah, NaNoWriMo would probably make me self-combust at this point in time. But know that I am so jealous of all of you participants and the awesome progress you will all make. Because let's face it, even if you don't reach the word count goal and don't complete a novel in thirty days, you're still amazing for having tried!

I was going to be productive today and sign up for all the blog hops in advance. But instead I wrote, drank beer, watched football, cleaned bathrooms, and washed dishes. It was my day off. I lead a glamorous life, do not be jealous!

So you may see me on some blog hops this week, or you may not. I am not pressuring myself. I am sticking to my own word count goals and finishing this final chapter this week. It is happening! And then I am going to sleep for one full day. (Just kidding, clearly I would have to get up to pee at some point.)

I just felt like blogging and updating. But aside from running my ass around not much else is going on. To my ass or anything else. 

Mr. McKay is still being his fabulous self. He's doing things like taking my car to get gas when I don't realize I am out until the gaslight comes on in my car. And validating my feelings when I fly into a murderous rage at one of my family members. 

I realize this post is making me seem like a crazy person. In truth, ninety percent of my down time is spent curled up on the couch cuddling whatever cat is available for cuddles and binge watching shows with Mr. McKay until I very attractively fall asleep with my mouth open and snore through the last episode.

That's all I have to update. I should have a cover soon and a new book release and things to talk about besides a crazy stream of consciousness post.

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!! Bring on the fun size Kit Kats.

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  1. Hi Casey, I must admit I have been wondering where you were. Thinking back to when I was your age, there is no way I would have had time to write a book , or blog for that matter. It is only as I am getting on a bit that i realize how lucky I am now to actually have time to enjoy life a bit. Don't worry about what you can't find time for just enjoy Mr McKay's attentions while you can grab a spare moment and let the rest whistle! ( But hurry up and finish that book as I do have reading time on my hands, lol)
    Love Jan,xx