Friday, November 27, 2015

Always Take the Spanking

Always Take the Spanking~ A Holiday Survival Tip

I hope all of my American friends had a Happy Thanksgiving. I dubbed ours The Grand Tour. We attended two dinners and three houses. It was exhausting to say the least, but it was still a good holiday—forced family togetherness and all.

My family, probably like a lot of people's, stresses me out. There are a lot of factors, too many to name now. But it makes holidays tricky. I am normally an easy going, positive person but the thought of having to visit my family for the holidays can turn me into an anxious, snapping mess.

Mr. McKay discovered that a spanking or a drink helps out on these occasions. There has been more than one holiday where I imbibe in a drink or two before we leave for my parents house. Then all the underhanded comments roll off my back and I can grin back in the face of antagonistic remarks. 

This Thanksgiving, I was in good spirits. I had a good feeling that the day would be fine, everyone would get along. Feelings wouldn't be hurt, offhanded comments wouldn't be made, and if it did happen I felt equipped to handle it. I felt even-keeled and emotionally strong.

I announced this before we left. "So you don't want a spanking?" asked Mr. McKay. 

My tummy flipped. I mean, come on, I always want a spanking. But maybe it was that I felt like I shouldn't need one. I should be an adult and face down my family in a very adult manner.  Sure, a few weeks back he spanked me and plugged me before we left to see extended family and it made everything so much better, but I shouldn't need that every time.

"No, I think I am okay," I confirmed.

"Beer? Whisky?" His eyebrows raise in disbelief.

I had toyed with the idea of bringing of a flask. But again, what happened to my resolve to face matters head on? It's one day, split between three places, I can muster up enough sanity for a few hours...

And that is how I found the two-year-old Christmas beer wedged in the bottom of my parent's fridge about twenty minutes into our visit. 

Lesson learned. The next holiday I am taking the spanking. And packing a flask. It is the holidays after all, I should be allowed to indulge!


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