Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"You're Disobeying Me?"~ WIP It Up Wednesday

It's WIP It Up Wednesday!! I definitely haven't been here in a while, and sometimes I forget about the midweek blog hop. At least scheduling-wise I forget, I do like reading them :)

This week I am bringing you something brandy new! I am almost finished writing it and hope to have it out this month.

I am still not certain on a title. I thought it was titled, and then I didn't like it, so now I am waffling.

I also don't have a blurb. I feel a little bit like I am parading around in public without any clothes on. But I am going to share anyway!

A little bit of a set up—Martin and Melissa have been in a committed relationship for ten years. They're both feeling some tension lately and know they need a change. (You might recognize these two if you read my previous releases Mastered and Cherished.)

This is the very beginning of the book, so I guess it doesn't need much set up except I haven't edited this yet, and I hope you enjoy!

Melissa couldn’t sleep. And it was all his fault really. How could he sleep away peacefully beside her while she tossed and turned?

She rolled over and nudged Martin, trying to rouse him. He mumbled a protest in his sleep and turned his back to her, taking all of the covers with him. She followed him across the bed and pressed up against his back. Trailing her fingers up his arm, she blew on his neck.

“Stop,” Martin commanded.

Knowing he was awake, Melissa pressed on. Hoisting her leg up onto his hip, she slid her hand down over his chest.

“Melissa, I’m sleeping.” His voice was gruff and grumpy and still she persisted.

They had fought today. A rare occasion for them. And it hadn’t been a tiny argument, it had been a big, ugly thing. Issues came to light. She feared things had changed. They’d made up, they were back on even ground. But something wasn’t right. Melissa felt it in her gut. She couldn’t let it go. Even after magnificent make-up sex, she still felt amiss. Martin had fallen asleep. She had gone downstairs and puttered around for a few hours. She had read, watched TV, and even looked up a few recipes she had thought about experimenting with. She’d tried to quiet her mind, but nothing had helped. 

“You’re not sleeping,” she countered. If he were sleeping, would his cock be hard? she thought as her hand grasped him.

Martin rolled toward her, forcing her to her back. He turned, pushing himself onto an elbow and looking down at her. “We have a big day tomorrow, you need to get some rest.”

“I know what I need, and it isn’t rest.” Sliding her legs open, she gave him a seductive look. Their post argument lovemaking had been just that, lovemaking. She needed him to pound the shit out of her. She needed it rough and she needed it hard. And she needed it yesterday. Otherwise the thoughts in her head wouldn’t quit. She hated that she needed this and she hated asking. It made her feel vulnerable and weak. It opened her up for ridicule.

Martin looked down at her, but judgment seemed to be the furthest thing from his mind. A look of concern crossed his features as he blinked out of his foggy haze. “I’m telling you it’s time to sleep.”

“I can’t.” It was a plea, the closest thing to a whine that would ever cross her lips. 

“So you’re disobeying me?” His face darkened.

She almost argued with him, her chest tightening that he was disappointed with her. She wasn’t disobeying him, but she couldn’t make herself fall asleep. Then she realized why he was asking. “Yes,” she agreed.

Oops, did I cut it off right before the fun part? *evil laugh*

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  1. What a stingy tease you are! Love the word waffling around.
    I can totally relate to how Melissa is feeling, but will Martin give in and give her what she needs? I can only hope so. ヅ