Saturday, October 10, 2015

"Am I in Trouble?"~ Saturday Spankings

Welcome back to Saturday Spankings! This week I have a snippet from Mastered, my BDSM menage romance.

She never knew what to expect from them, trying to guess the actions of one man was hard enough, nevermind two. She knew they had been on edge all day—they all had—and she figured they would both want release, a sexual release. She had expected perhaps giving one of them a blow job before the other fucked her. She figured they would be anxious to start in on the sex stuff, so Tom preparing to spank her caught her off guard.

Unless… “Am I in trouble?” she asked, hanging over his lap. Her hands and toes finding the carpet beneath her, her head dangling. It wasn't a comfortable position, it made the blood run to her head, and her breathing became shallow.

“Do you think you should be in trouble?” Tom asked, his hand rubbing up the back of one thigh.

Yes, because she was in trouble.

Hailey needs money fast, and will do anything to get it. Even lie on her application to enter an auction at Fetishes, a BDSM club. 

One weekend. 

She'll get the money she needs and anything else will be a bonus. She can handle one Dom for a weekend...except she ends up with one Dom too many.

Tom's reluctant to get himself back into the BDSM scene since his failed marriage. Adam loves his carefree life—nothing tying him down or keeping him in the same place for too long. Neither of them are looking for a relationship. But then wide-eyed Hailey shows up and proves to be a temptation that neither of them can pass up. They offer her an introduction to the lifestyle, and they intend to show her what it's like to be a trained submissive. 

It's just one weekend...

The lines between fantasy and reality become blurred and soon Hailey fears she'll only end up with a broken heart. When she disappears, can these two Dominant men admit their true feelings for her?

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  1. Yeah, Haley is definitely in trouble, even if she doesn't realize it yet. Great excerpt, Casey.

  2. That's really a horrible questions, "Do you think you should be in trouble?" it's not like they don't already know.

  3. I like the way Tom builds the anticipation with "Do you think you should be in trouble?" Really makes a girl's mind race wondering what she may have done.
    Great snippet! ヅ

  4. The way she's trying to plan what's going to happen cracks me up - Give one guy a bj. Have sex with other guy.

    That made me laugh. Like you do! :)

  5. This sounds like the kind of trouble one would want to be in ;)