Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bound, Whipped, and Taken to Completion~ WIP It Up Wednesday

It's WIP It Up Wednesday!! I'm signing up late, but I am still proud of myself that I remembered. I spent my day writing away on this one, so I figured I may as well share!

I'm picking up where I left off last week, so if you want to read the beginning of my first chapter for my upcoming release Bound you should read last week's post and then today's.

Melissa has woken up her Dom boyfriend, Martin, and coaxed into a little action in the middle of the night. (You might recognize these two if you read my previous releases Mastered and Cherished.)

“Hands,” he barked.
Melissa stretched her arms over her head and wrapped her hands around the wrought iron headboard. Martin secured her wrists in the handcuffs that permanently hung there. Something was already slipping into place, making her feel calm and he’d barely touched her. She was already nude, having shucked her clothes before attempting to seduce him. He rose from the bed, just a pair of boxer briefs clinging to his body.
Martin opened the closet door and rustled around before coming back to her. “Up.” He motioned for her to lift her legs in the air as he doubled over his belt.
She barely held back a groan. He could have at least left her hands free if he was going to force her to hold her legs up. But she had asked for this, beggars couldn’t be choosers. She promised herself she’d skip yoga in the morning, her core would be getting a workout tonight.
“Keep them up, or you’ll get extra,” he warned.
Bastard. He already knew she’d never be able to keep them raised the whole time. He did this on purpose. She wanted to call him names, but at the same time liquid gushed between her thighs. He knew exactly what she needed. And that was the very thing that was keeping her awake. “Yes, Master,” she murmured, when he seemed to be waiting for a response.
His lips tilted up in the slightest of smirks, then he raised the belt and cracked it down across her ass.
Fire. Fire lit up her skin. She forgot to breathe. She barely could anyway with the angle her legs were in. The belt cracked again and she let out a shriek, her breath whooshing from her body as the second line of fire burned across her ass. The third one came quickly and she bucked her hips. Pulling on the restraints and twisting to the side. She rested on one hip and thrashed, the edges of the cuffs biting into her skin.
“Up.” Martin sat back on his heels, waiting patiently with the belt in his hand for her to get back in position.
It took another few seconds, forcing air in and out of her lungs before she rolled back and raised her legs again.
“What do you say?” He raised an eyebrow at her and waited.
It was their signal. He was asking her what she wanted to do. If she told him to stop now, he would—no questions asked. “More, please.”
He pushed her legs back further, wrapping his hand around the back of one knee. The stretch was uncomfortable, but his hand there meant she couldn’t move again, she felt grateful for it. “Three more, those you were already getting,” he explained. “Then the extra.”
“Thank you, Master.” She bit her lip as he swung the belt at full force. It jarred her, pushing her up the mattress despite his hold on her. 
He swung again. 
Her ass felt like one big, giant welt. A throbbing mass of pain. It shot right to her core.
Two more in quick succession and she hissed a curse out between her teeth.
“Almost done,” Martin assured her as he rubbed the leather over her abraded skin. He lifted the belt, adjusted his aim, and then swung.
She bucked her hips and pushed against him with her legs when the belt smacked her upper thighs. “Wait!” she yelled.
He lashed her again, in the same exact spot, not heeding her cry. But then he threw the belt to the floor.
She heaved out a sigh as he lowered her legs. 
“Open up, buttercup.” He winked at her as he shoved his underwear down his hips.
Sliding her thighs apart, she invited him in. Silently, she begged for him to take her fast and hard. But she would make no more requests. Her ass throbbed beneath her and her wrists felt chafed from pulling at the cuffs.
Martin settled between her thighs and slid into her. 
She gasped as he stilled and allowed her to adjust around him. Tilting her hips up, she gave him a silent signal to continue. She was ready, she needed everything he gave her. 
He pounded into her at a punishing speed. She wrapped her legs around him and dug her heels into his ass. Their bodies smacked together, filling the bedroom with sounds of sex. Her pussy clenched, her walls clamping down around him. “I’m coming,” she warned.
“Yes, come for me, beautiful. Fucking come.”
She felt his cock thicken as her body convulsed. Her muscles tensed, as if trying to suck him up inside of her.
Martin groaned and his hot seed spurted into her. 
She arched her back, inviting him to thrust deeper as she crashed down in a haze of pleasure. Unwinding her legs from his body, her head fell back against the pillows. Her eyes fell shut. She felt him around her. Sliding himself out. Uncuffing her wrists. Massaging her arms. All before he tucked her against his body and she finally fell into a dreamless sleep, free of thoughts and crippling doubt. He was the only one who could make her mind go quiet. She just didn’t want to admit she needed him.  

Definitely better than a warm glass of milk, right?

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  1. Who would even think of a glass of milk after that? So hot!

  2. Whew... I think I need a very cold glass of ice water after that one. What a delivery Casey. ♥

  3. Those one word barking commands get me every time. Great snippet, Casey.

  4. That is the best way to ensure a good night's sleep. Great scene. :)