Friday, October 24, 2014

Too Damn Sexy- Or How I Edit With Rainbows

I had a little bit of a reality check today. I woke up and it was a little chilly in the house- I had gone to bed in cropped yoga pants and a t-shirt, fumbling around in the darkened morning-lit room I found a pair of knee socks I bought for roller derby and a hooded sweatshirt. I pulled them on and made my way downstairs.

Hours later (spot the night owl in this story), Mr. McKay makes his way down here and I am two pots of coffee into editing a book I recently completed.

The table where I write is behind an arm chair in the living room, so my lower half was obscured from view while we exchanged morning pleasantries. Imagine the look on his face when I finally got up to refill my mug and he caught a sight of these.

His actual line was, "Hey buddy! Nice socks!"

I forgot I had them on. Then I realized I hadn't showered, brushed my teeth or even glanced in a mirror since tumbling out of bed.

Tina Fey is my Spirit Animal

Wouldn't you think that having a roller derby playing, smut writer wife that she would be the epitome of sexiness all the time?

I have heard my husband rebuff other men who inquire about how "hot it is to have a wife who plays roller derby". He isn't wrong, there is really nothing too sexy about it. I smell like sweat, my pads sit around the house- smelling. I soak my mouth guard in the bathroom, my sweaty clothes are all over the bedroom floor. 

Maybe it's hot to watch, but you don't want to be within two feet of me after I've been skating.

Writing is sort of similar. Of course I am exaggerating a little, but as I write this I look a hell of a lot like the picture above. I would think any dude would have a fantasy that a woman sitting at home writing an erotic romance would be all:

But no, not so much. I actually think it's a good thing I have a husband otherwise I would exist on cheerios and mac and cheese and probably become a hermit! Also, showers, overrated if you are alone.

Alas, I have been promised a meal outside of the house tonight so I am plugging in the straightener and popping in my contacts! Casey McKay is getting fancy!

The edits are done! Someone get this girl a drink, I'll even wear make up!


  1. your work clothes look alarmingly like mine :)
    Fun post, Casey. with a lot of realism.

  2. Cheers! Congrats on finishing your edits and I hope you have a very hot date!