Monday, October 20, 2014

A Reset Spanking

I wonder if there will ever be a time where I will release a book and not lose my mind a little? Every time I get close to a release date I think I have it under control. I mean the work is already done, the editing is done, all that's left is to publish, do some promo and stalk the rankings.

I thought I was okay this past week when we released The Disciplinarian- a collection of short stories I wrote with Natasha Knight.

I spent a few days editing, polishing, and emailing back and forth with Natasha. And then I was done, right?

Well then the ranking stalking comes, and the obsessing, and the moodiness. I was having an all out meltdown this weekend over little stupid things. And I really am not blaming putting out a book (which really should be a momentous and happy occasion), it was more lack of sleep, lack of writing time, and a million little things I let bother me all at once.

Little things pile up and I am banging around in the kitchen "cleaning".

Mr. McKay yells in from the living room: Hey, come in here. I know how to make you feel better.

I let out a sigh, I do not have time for whatever he wants: Why, what are you going to do?

Mr. McKay: Come here and find out.

Now I am thinking he is going to try to tear my pants off and have a little afternoon hanky panky on the couch- this does not fix everything and I am very much not in the mood right this second. So I do the very mature thing and don't respond.

Mr. McKay: Are you ignoring me?

Me: No. (yes, yes I am)

Mr. McKay: Fine, but you are missing out.

Okay, now I need to know, and really why am I being such a bitch?

I go into the living room and he opens his arms up to me from where he sits on the sofa. I walk over, thinking he is going to pull me in and cuddle me, because sometimes I just need a quick cuddle and my mood really does improve. But I get closer and he changes directions and upends me over his lap.

His hand cracks down on my ass. I'm wearing yoga pants and a thong so pretty much no protection at all. It's loud and the windows are open. I tell him as much.

He pauses, "What?" he asks as he looks down at me.

"The windows are open!"

"I know, and I don't care. I'm spanking you."

And that is how my non-spanko husband snapped me out of my funky mood. I do think he is catching on. It wasn't a sexy spanking, it wasn't a punishment spanking, it was just a spanking. I giggled through the whole thing.

Then we finished the dishes and went to a friend's party and had a really nice remainder of our weekend. Sometimes a spanking is all you need.


  1. Aw, how sweet! He knew just the right thing to do.

  2. What a "he gets me, he really gets me," moment. I love that.

  3. Yes, it was one of those moments he really got me. They aren't always like that!

  4. This made me grin! I love that he knew what you needed <3

  5. love it!!! I totally get what you are saying!

    hehe, too funny about the windows being open :)

    Kudos to hubby for giving you what you needed :)

    And congrats on the new release!

  6. Yep! Mr. McKay is a secret spanko I think... :) I hate getting stressed over new books as you're right, they should be a celebration but hey, it kind of is when they spank, right???

    1. I think we should celebrate with spankings everyday, but that is just me...

  7. Mr McKay sounds just lovely.

    I'm not sure he's a non-spanko, you know. Maybe an ex-non-spanko. I think you fixed him :)

    1. I fixed him? haha! He doesn't need fixing :)

  8. So adorable! Love your title calling it a "Reset" - that's brilliant.

  9. Aw, lucky girl. He knows exactly what you need!