Saturday, October 11, 2014

Free #spankings and #zombies #satspanks

Hello my Saturday Spankers! I feel like it has been eons since I posted, but here I am! I am actually just letting you all know that Cursed Waters is now available for free on Kindle Unlimited. I released this paranormal/comedic spanking romance last fall, but books don't go bad people, if you haven't read it- give it a go!

In this snippet we meet up with Trevor and Roxy right after Trevor has found her doing something he explicitly asked her not to. But Roxy still doesn't think he's right and she's not backing down.

 Her jeans were wet up to her mid thigh, there was really no worse feeling than wet jeans against your skin. She watched as Trevor rifled through his back pack and took out the wooden spoon. Okay, there were things that felt worse than wet jeans.
“I told you to sit down, but I guess you're not really in the mood to listen.” Trevor bumped her shoulder as he brushed past her and Roxy fisted her hands at her sides. It would have felt good to take a swing at him. It also would have been monumentally stupid.

Roxy Wilson is going through the motions. She's running her deceased grandmother's psychic readings shop, but she's not a psychic. Hoping to expand and just become a gift shop, she contacts her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Dale. Only she doesn't anticipate the feelings she's still having for him after four years of separation.
Trevor could never get Roxy out of his system, and now with her so close to him again, he's reluctant to let her go. But a 40 year- old curse involving evil spells and zombies overtaking the small, seaside town of Ocean Pointe may put a stop to any sort of romantic reunion.
Can Roxy and Trevor break the curse and save their town from zombies? 
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  1. Wet jeans on skin does feel bad, but she's right - there are worse feelings. She's about to experience that first hand.

  2. The wooden spoon...ouch! Hopefully it goes well! Great snippet!

  3. I'm always going on about how much I love this book aren't I? Still it bears repeating. This book is bloody marvellous. It has everything - zombie menace, sexy spankings and it's properly funny in places as well.

    Love the snippet and Roxy remembering there are worse things than wet jeans.

  4. Yeah, there are a few things that feel worse than wet jeans. Poor Roxy!

  5. The only thing worse than wet jeans is getting spanked on wet jeans!!!