Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sometimes Muffins are Not the Answer (Sometimes)

We've been doing this thing around here lately in the McKay house. We're trying to eat low carb. I don't know how stuck to a "diet" we necessarily are but we stopped eating rolls, bagels, pasta and carb-laden things for dinner. In the past, we were going for quick and easy, it didn't take much thought. Our main dinner meal most nights was some kind of sandwich, on a roll, with chips as a side dish. Not really the food choices you should be making in your adult life. 

So, in a quest to make healthier choices and to stop eating like we're teenagers we made the slight adjustment to eat less carbs. The change hasn't been so drastic that we feel deprived. Meal prep has been discussed more often. And it really does help that Mr. McKay loves to cook, otherwise we'd be eating omelets every night if it were left up to me. (We are eating omelets for dinner like once a week because I do have sway on the menu.)

One of my favorite things to do on my day off is to bake or make breakfast. I'll make muffins or waffles. Occasionally, I'll whip up a cake or some brownies. We had bananas that were super ripe and needed to be used within the day, normally, I would make these banana crumb muffins that are to die for! I love them and will eat two at a time for breakfast because they are that good. But we're eating healthier now, muffins aren't really on the menu. 

I looked up a healthier recipe and found this banana oatmeal cup thing. It was really easy to do and we had all the ingredients. And it's healthier! (right?)

A conversation:

Me: I made banana oatmeal muffin cup things! Is oatmeal low carb?

Mr. McKay: No, it's a carb.

Me: Oh, but it's like good, right?

Mr. McKay: *shrugs*

Me (after clicking around on the internet): Yes, it's a healthy carb because it's a whole grain!

He was way less enthused about my health facts than I was.

I don't think Mr. McKay was sold on my breakfast alternative either. I think he's still mourning the muffins. But I've been eating them every morning for breakfast (30 seconds in the microwave makes them warm and gooey). And I have noticed they keep me feeling less hungry throughout the morning, which is always a good thing. 

I'll still make us some banana crumb muffins but it's not going to be an every week kind of thing.

Does anyone have any healthy eating tips or recipes? We've been eating more salads and trying to eat more vegetables and less bread. What do you guys do?


  1. My wife and I grill salmon and chicken to go along with veggies for various meals. I also like to bake, so I've been looking for better chocolate chip cookie recipes. One friend suggested using apple sauce over eggs to lower the fat in the baked goods.

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