Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Teasing Trio~ Untamed Hearts

I had a crazy jam-packed weekend! It was all fun though. But I've just come up for air to share a little snippet from my just released menage romance. Untamed Hearts is now available on Kindle Unlimited!!

This scene picks up where the last one left off. Our two men are teasing poor Kate who still doesn't completely realize what she's signed up for.

"How do you feel about nipple play? That might not be the most relaxing thought to contemplate, but I always feel like the after effects are relaxing."
She watched as he dangled the chain in front of her. She knew what nipple clamps were, she didn't live under a rock. Had she ever had them attached to her nipples? That was a different subject entirely. 
"Your silence speaks volumes," Aaron said to her. "I forgot how exciting it could be with a newbie." He directed this statement at Ben, excitement in his tone.
Kate moved to cover her breasts, which seemed very unprotected with just her bra covering them. She ended up laying flat on her back as she had to move her arms which had been propping her up. Before she could cover herself Aaron grabbed her wrists and stretched her arms up over her head. Her nipples hardened and she cursed her traitorous body. She wasn't sure she wanted to make this easier for them. 
"Don't tie her up. Not this time."
She looked over at Ben, what did he mean? Would they tie her up some other time?
"I don't think I'll need to. You'll keep your hands where I put them, right babe?"

A million thoughts flooded her mind. Nipple clamps, tying her up, and when exactly did she become Aaron's babe? That term really rubbed her the wrong way—normally. But for some reason, coming out of his mouth, it made Kate feel warm inside.

Kate needs a change. Nothing is keeping her in New York anyway. She's getting kicked out of her apartment, she can't hold down a job, and her dating prospects seem to get worse by the day. When the chance of a lifetime presents itself, she doesn't want to say no. Despite her friend, Elle, warning her to reconsider—Kate leaps at the opportunity. A trip to Alaska? A chance at love? But there's a catch, she'll be working for a tabloid magazine who commissioned her to get a sultry story. Will she stoop low enough to use herself as bait?

Ben and Aaron are living a nearly ideal existence. They have a close-knit community that understands their lifestyle and a good life out in remote Alaska. The trouble is, it can be hard to find a woman with their shared interests. With their options being limited, Ben places an online ad looking for a woman. When Kate pops into their life they both know that nothing will ever be the same. She's smart, funny, and she is undeterred by their lifestyle, even though she is unaware before she agrees to fly out to meet them. But can they trust that her intentions are pure? Can the three of them find a way to follow their hearts? 


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