Saturday, May 21, 2016

Masters of Fetishes Box Set #menage #spanking #BDSM

A Nifty Box Set! Masters of Fetishes for a low price, this weekend only!

Get it before it ends. You can get the first three books in my Masters of Fetishes series for the low price of $6.99! (Each book retails for $3.99, so this is a steal!)

I've just completed the fourth in the series and it will be coming soon, but in the meantime, if you haven't read 1-3 you can grab them up now.

Here's a little something from Mastered:

"What is there to think about?" Adam crossed in front of the love seat she still shared with Tom. He leaned down, bracing his hand on the armrest, and looked into her eyes. "Are you into BDSM at all? Were you looking to be someone's submissive?"

She slumped down in her seat, his proximity making her uncomfortable. When she shifted to look at Tom, Adam put a finger on her cheek, stilling her movements. "No, don't look at him, I asked you a question. It's really a simple one. Do you like BDSM?"

"I, I..." her voice croaked as she stammered out a reply. Did she like BDSM? She couldn't lie that the prospect of the auction had seemed appealing when Serena suggested it. But her experience consisted of what she read in romance novels. And one boyfriend who tied her up, once, but that was less than spectacular. "Yes?" she finally replied. At least she thought she liked BDSM, although what she had witnessed in the club so far all seemed overwhelming.

"That's something, I guess," Adam said, taking his hand from her face and standing at his full height again.

"Are you done scaring her?" Tom asked.

"For now."

She allowed Tom to lead her from the room, fully aware of Adam's presence behind them. Not for the last time that evening she wondered what the hell she had gotten into.

Masters of Fetishes Box Set-- ON SALE now for $6.99

Fetishes. An exclusive BDSM club where all of your desires are satisfied. What better way to become acquainted than meeting the men who started it all? They are the Masters of Fetishes, and the women who love them.

Hailey lies about being a seasoned submissive on her application to get into Fetishes annual auction. She's looking to make some quick money, but she ends up with more than she bargained for. When Adam and Tom discover her misbehavior they decide to give her an introduction to the BDSM lifestyle. They intend to show her what it's like to be a trained submissive. Their trained submissive.

Serena's crushed when she learns her perfect relationship with a wealthy, powerful, and unrelenting Dom isn't perfect at all. She's still overcoming the embarrassment of her breakup and bad judgment when she meets Ethan. But Ethan comes with his own personal baggage in tow. Can Serena open her heart enough to let in this Master of the Club? Or are Ethan and Serena doomed to relive their mistakes of the past?


Melissa's been with her boyfriend, Martin, for ten years but she still isn't convinced that anything is permanent. Feeling the distance growing between them, Martin takes Melissa on the trip of a lifetime to a private island in the Caribbean. He tries to convince her to make things official by marrying him but Melissa worries that her past is too much for them to overcome. When Melissa's life is put in jeopardy, Martin becomes even more determined to make her officially his.


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