Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Cure for a Headache

"Come here," he says.

But I am in a snit and not feeling very much like listening. "It's okay," I huff. "Maybe tomorrow, maybe this weekend?"

It's growing dark out, early evening and I have to leave the house soon or I will be late. I was promised some afternoon kink. I was promised a much needed spanking. I waited and waited. I was patient. Until I wasn't. And then I was just annoyed. I even started getting a headache. Maybe from gritting my teeth.

"Close the curtains and come over here." This time more affirmative. More of a command than a statement. It does perk me up a bit, make my pulse quicken. But I'm still not feeling very agreeable.

"But we don't have to. I have a little headache. It's getting late," I protest. Because really, why be easy? He could have had easy all day.

"I said, come over here."

Oh. Apparently we aren't messing around. I know in the back of my head if I really protest and really put him off, he will not argue. He will let it go. But maybe that isn't what I want. Why push my luck?

"Should I go get something?" I ask, referring to an implement. Maybe a paddle or something.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know, so you don't have to use your hand." All of a sudden I'm trying to make this easy, maybe worried I won't get the spanking I really want.

"I got this," is his only reply, then he gives me the 'what are you waiting for' look.

A little zing of excitement shoots through me. I get up and close the curtains. I walk over to where he sits. Maybe he'll give me a cuddle. Maybe we'll just kiss and touch and be close. But his fingers grab at my waist band, he pulls my pants and panties down in one motion.

I let out a surprised giggle. What brought this on? He roughly pulls me over his lap and I am still trying to find a comfortable position when the smacks begin to fall. Hard.

I try to stay still. You know, my old habit of keeping still and making no noise so as to not stop the spanking. #thingsyoudowithnonspankohusbands

But he really isn't letting up and he's not slowing down. "Ahh, ow!" I finally call out. Bracing myself for the end, kicking myself that I could have taken more. But he still doesn't stop leaving me slightly miffed and a lot turned on. 

I kick my legs out straight behind me, pointing my toes. I wrap my arms around a throw pillow and try to find something to concentrate on. I call out again and list to the side, this time he stops. Gives me a gentle caress over my burning ass before he starts playing with me with his fingers. 

Having been on the edge all day, it doesn't take much effort before I am almost there, but then his fingers are gone. WTF? But then he's spanking again. It doesn't hurt so much now as it stokes the flames. As if I weren't like a cat in heat before, I am pretty much about to come just from this spanking.

I'm laying in a puddle on the floor when he's finally done with me. Or so I thought he was done with me.

"You want to suck my cock?"

I am almost salivating at the thought. So I do suck his cock, and I do reach another orgasm. And oddly enough my headache disappeared...

That was better than pouting and taking an Advil. But really, next time, do we need to make me wait so long?


  1. I have found orgasms help my migraines. Still working on whether spankings do too. It's a work in progress and I need lots of experimental time before I'm willing to publish my theory ;-)

    1. Nothing seems to help my migraines. We have tried the orgasm approach and even with poor results I urge him to keep trying ;)