Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Winter Doldrums and a Free Story!!

I'm writing to you today and feeling a bit more human. My day job got a little hairy the past three weeks and between a terrible schedule, the terrible weather, and just all around lack of sleep I had no time to write or make it to roller derby practices. And really what do you have when you take away all the things we like to do?

I felt like a shell of a human being- I know that's being kind of dramatic (but sometimes I can be dramatic), but I really was walking around in a zombie-like state for the past few weeks. 

I woke up this morning and finally shook the migraine that plagued me yesterday. I got back to skating, I've been writing, I feel like a new woman! I've even managed to shake this mood I've been in, for the time being at least. 

The winter doldrums have hit me with full force. I expect it to happen every year. I am not a cold weather person and living in a place that has all the seasons (although in recent years it feels like we have two seasons: cold as fuck and hot as fuck), I have to deal with being out of my comfort zone for a few months of the year. But why do the winter months seem like the loooongest months??

And I stupidly thought we were in the home stretch when we got through the holidays without any snow. But January and February have all been sleet and freezing rain, everyday is cloudy and I feel like we live in an igloo.

I started up the yearly "Let's move somewhere more pleasant!" campaign with the other half (although, why do I waste my breath? The man wears shorts year round and although it isn't scientifically proven yet- I believe he is part polar bear). He gives me the, "But where would we go?"

Here is the answer: Somewhere where the air doesn't hurt my face!!! 

I hear there are mythical places like this, where the sun shines and the air is warm...

Let's all take a moment.

Enough whining. Anyway, I have been fighting off the winter suck by coming up with a new story. This new one I am working on is a bit different for me, very different from anything else I have written and I am super excited about it!

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Our free story this month will be featuring characters from my new book.  Did I mention I'm excited about it??

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For now I will be drinking hot beverages and contemplating putting my socks in the dryer again- what do you do to keep warm in the winter?


  1. Come to AZ. It was 85 yesterday. :) No, I totally understand. When I lived in the midwest, the winters really got to me. For me it was the lack of sun. By April I'd be in my bikini on the roof of the house soaking up Vitamin D even though it was only 50 degrees out. I missed it so much.

  2. Yes! I think it is the lack of vitamin D. I hate being cold, but I get just as miserable when it's cloudy for a long stretch of time in the summer. My husband laughs at me because I will peel the curtains back on the front window in our living room and lay on the couch in the sun when it gets sunny. I might look ridiculous, but the cats enjoy it :)