Sunday, February 1, 2015

In the Aftermath

I'm continuing on with The Year of the Spank. I was a little worried I was jinxing myself, you know starting a series on my blog about my real life adventures in spanking would almost mean for certain I was jinxing something and it was all going to stop. I don't think I really need to worry too much though.

We had snow this week. Not as much as was predicted- it was kind of like "Oh my god we're all going to die!!!" forecasting and what we got was a pain in the ass amount of snow, but not shutting the entire state down for days sort of thing. Anyway, the residents of my east coast town kind of all collectively decided fuck it, it's cold we are staying in anyway. And so that was the Blizzard of 2015 that wasn't (at least here).

Mr. McKay and I got normal blizzard essentials, and quickly realized that our blizzard essentials mirror our hurricane essentials. Chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, gatorade, whiskey and mixers. (Don't worry we had plenty of candles and batteries left over from hurricane season.)

After we cracked into our supply of whiskey I made a flippant comment about getting this show on the road (I had been promised some snow day kink)- my pants were suddenly whipped off of me as I wriggled and squirmed to stay upright on the couch while my husband dropped to his knees before me. I was quickly and thoroughly brought to completion by fingers and tongue and I collapsed breathlessly back against the cushions. (I wish all my flippant comments were met with such results- but I think it was a Snow Day Miracle.)

Upstairs for part two- we had another round with the vibrating plug and then I was pushed to bend over the end of the bed, the Hitachi wedged against my front, plug in my ass, and then he picked up the cane. Oh sweet mother of mercy, I'm pretty sure I gushed everywhere before he even touched me. He was light on the cane, but I wasn't about to complain- because these are things I have asked for, implements he is not used to using and would not have broken out on his own even a year ago. So I went with it.

At some point it becomes a blur. I know my throat got hoarse from screaming- this is also the night I discovered that Mr. McKay views it as a game to see how many times he can make me come and chuckles with delightful glee when I am shuddering and begging with tears leaking from my eyes (begging for him to stop or keep going is a mystery to both of us- but there sure was a lot of begging).

I try to be the proper amount of annoyed when he tells me this is his favorite game, but I can't help but break out into a smile and think- holy shit, we may even be more evenly matched then I originally though. The crazy things you learn.

Anyway, sounds like a full night? Yes?

But we're in the bathroom cleaning up and I mention that he could have gone harder with the cane.

He leans over me and switches off the faucet, "Harder?"

"Um, yeah. I mean this was great. I'm just saying, it's okay to use it a little harder."

He grabs my elbow and leads me out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. Oh shit, I didn't mean right now. I've already come so much my knees aren't steady and what if it hurts a million times more because I'm tired and oh shit...

He leads me back to the end of the bed and picks up the cane which is leaning against the wall. "Right now?" I squeak.

He smiles, "Yeah, why not?" He swishes the cane through the air and I bend over again rethinking this whole 'giving him notes' thing when I am still naked and at his disposal. "How much harder?" he asks.

I shrug, completely losing my nerve. "A little bit?"

"Like in that video you showed me?" (Spankingtube- for all your educational needs)

I quickly try to remember what video I may have shown him before agreeing. He doesn't wait for a response just lifts the cane and whips it through the air- it lands with a satisfying thwack on my ass. I lift to my toes, more from the surprise of the strike than any real pain- although a delicious line of warmth blooms from under where he still holds the cane against me. 

"Makes a neat little whippy noise doesn't it?" he muses.

"Uh huh," I practically moan out.

"So, like that? That hard? Is that better?" 

I almost laugh at his tone of voice, like he's asking if he's put enough pepper in the mashed potatoes or something.

"Yes." And I can't figure out why I am instantly ready again, am I never fully satiated?

"Cool," he says as he brings his arm back and canes me again- cool little whippy noise and all. This time I don't jump to my toes but I can't help the smile that breaks out on my face when he says, "I got this." I don't know if he's talking to me or himself. A third stroke a bit further down and then he walks and puts the cane back against the wall. "You okay?"

I say yes and wonder if I should thank him, is it weird to say 'good job'? He smiles again and walks back out of the bedroom. I have a moment of confusion- this is not a romance novel ending. But then I have to shake myself, I don't live in a romance novel. Maybe he should have thrown me on the bed and made mad, passionate love to me again? Or at least made this a proper spanking. I stand in the center of the room, sort of confused at what has just transpired and what I am to do now when he pops his head back in the doorway. "I'm hungry! Chicken nuggets?"

"I'll start the oven."

"You're the best!" he exclaims.

"No, you're the best." And there isn't any doubt in my mind that we both really mean that. 

Life is not a romance novel. My night ended cuddled up on the couch eating chicken nuggets and watching reruns of 30 Rock. I would probably not ever want to read a book like this, but I have to say, it's a pretty damn good life.


  1. Sounds like a pretty perfect snow day to me!!! Lucky girl!!

  2. Yummy, it will never happen here, I live in Florida, lol

    1. You don't get sexy during hurricane season ;)

  3. Great blog post, Casey! That's the way to rock a snow day!

  4. We just started with the paddle with holes in it. Im not sure I could do the cane. But it sounds like you had a wonderful snowday!

    1. I am not a fan of paddles, at least wooden ones. I thought the cane was scary until I tried it- it's actually sort of awesome! I promise!

  5. God I love you guys! I'm cracking up. If I could choose any house, yours would be in the top 5 of being a fly on the wall to watch and listen to it all!! :)

    1. We're really quite boring, all the good stuff ends up on my blog :P

  6. I love you two, and would totally read a book like this!
    what a great way to spend a snow day

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