Friday, January 16, 2015

Bad Girl Spankings

Continuing on with The Year of the Spank: I brought up the idea, way back when, of spankings as a punishment. A consequence, or as a way to resolve a matter or a point of contention. Mr. McKay countered that a spanking really wouldn't be any sort of punishment. I like them too much, they turn me on and make me come quicker than any other thing in the universe.

I argued that it is all about the mind set. That really I craved this discipline (okay, in the back of my mind I find it pretty hot and it is a fantasy to be scolded and punished- so maybe he was a little right). The point is, he wouldn't listen to me. And to further infuriate me if we argue about something stupid or he just thinks I am being a snot he will say something like, "Well that's no way to get a spanking." Or he declares he isn't spanking me again until he feels like I have earned it.

I don't know if he realizes that in a way he is giving me what I want, it's a consequence of sorts. But really I think he just likes to tweak me because there is nothing that can piss me off quicker than telling me I can't have something. I may not have even been thinking about it, but the second you tell me I can't have it then that is all I want. It always works out in his favor because then I try to be extra nice and the day always ends with me begging for it and begging for other things ;)

So I never thought we would get to a point where he would actually use a spanking like a consequence. Until we got the new cable box (insert ominous music here).

What do spankings and cable boxes have to do with each other you may ask?

I know I mentioned at some point somewhere that Mr. McKay spanked me with the remote once (I can't remember if it was my blog or facebook and I can't find the post). But anyway, I hated it! It's plastic and heavy and it hurts. I don't like plastic as a spanking material- if anyone wanted to know.

Our cable box was being wonky, so the guy came out and replaced it with this fancy new one that looks like it belongs on a spaceship. He took the old one with him and told Mr. McKay that it was really old and they don't make them anymore.

I wasn't home at the time, once I did get home he is all excited to show the new box off to me (it does nothing different, it just looks fancy). Then he holds up the remote, "Look a new remote!"

I nod. Am I supposed to be excited about a remote?

"It's much lighter," he comments, handing it to me so I can feel the weight.

I agree, yes, it is much lighter. It's also a darker color than the old one, and that is when I realize the old one is still laying on the end table.

"Yeah, he said we could just throw this one out," he says holding up the old remote. "But I'm going to keep it. I'll leave it right here. It can be for bad girl spankings."

He says he gets nothing out of spanking, but I know he gets something out of teasing me, because the number of times I have been threatened with the remote now is countless. And I think it has something to do with the wide eyed, worried look he gets in return in the 5 seconds I am trying to decide if he's kidding or not.

Sure I could just throw it away when he isn't looking, but what would be the fun in that??


  1. I'm cracking up over "That's no way to get a spanking."

  2. oh wonderful of Mr. McKay, keeping the old remote. I'm pretty sure I've told you that we don't really have a punishment thing in our relationship, my Master and I. Certainly not anything you'd find in most BDSM erotica. However, we've had the same "spankings aren't punishment" because I also enjoy them. He tends to use funny things (to Him that is) like wet willies, tickling.

    1. Tickling is not cool. I would not like that, or wet willies, gross!

  3. Similar here, I get threatened with 'no spankings' or he goes to swipe me and taps instead. Huff. I'd hang on to the remote, he might yet take a fancy to using it ;-)

    1. I think its a conspiracy with the husbands of ours!