Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Tasty Spanking Romance~ Short, Cheap Read!

Big News!! Friday, January 30th A Taste of Discipline is being discussed over at Celeste Jones' Spanking Stories Book Club!!

Have any of you ever gone to a real life book club and could just not finish the book in time? You don't have to worry about that with this one, it's short! It might take up 30 minutes of your life. It's also cheap! Short and cheap, not exactly words an author should use when talking up her work, but I am being honest here. It's just supposed to be a 'taste' (get it?), I also think I packed a lot of emotion into one little book.

Some reviewers seemed to think my heroine was a be-otch, but that wasn't my intention in writing her. It's just a glimpse into her life and she feels stressed out and worn thin- so if you have never been there then maybe you wouldn't understand. There is a lot of myself in Sam, my loving husband gets the brunt of it when I am fraying at the seams, but that's the trade off- he gets my best so he also gets my worst.

In the story Ryan has just pulled her into his office mid-meltdown, he's trying to level her out before sending her back into the busy kitchen.

"Just let me handle it. I have it under control." She was aiming for a more contrite tone, but judging by his reaction, she was still snapping. A live wire ready to burst into flames.

"Bend over the desk."

She shook her head as he began to circle back around toward her.

He came up behind her, his hands on her shoulders, gentle pressure pushing her forward.

She could have easily side stepped him, spun back, and told him to get the fuck away. She could have left the office, slamming the door behind her, letting him know in no uncertain terms just what she thought of his power play.

But she didn't want to. He was taking control and making her relinquish it. She started to be able to breathe again. As he pushed her down to stretch her torso across the desk the air pushed from her lungs.

He stood behind her, his muscular thighs pressing her legs into the desk. He had her trapped with his body and she could slowly feel a weight being lifted off her chest.

"What do you think you're accomplishing?"

She shook her head, a tiny shake from side to side as she rested her cheek on the papers Ryan had scattered across the desk.

His hands slipped around her waist, untying the drawstring at the front of her pants, and she screwed her eyes shut. He tugged her pants and panties down in one fluid motion and she felt a moment of panic that he would spank her. She hoped he wouldn't, because what could be worse than having her staff hear her not only being scolded, but then spanked? They would never listen to her again.

He ran his hands over her naked ass, and even though her shirt stuck to her with sweat, she shivered under his touch. He stepped back, stroking down her thighs, then up, skimming across her globes again, then pressing his thumbs into the knot that was forming in her lower back. She sighed and sunk down further, causing her ass to stick out more.

He massaged up her back, working her spine, rubbing the tension out of her shoulders. Until he finally folded over on top of her. She could feel his erection pressing against her ass through his jeans. He brought his head down beside her, talking into her ear. "You need to get it together out there."

She nodded, but her eyes remained closed.

"Should I spank you now? Right here for everyone to hear?" He slid his hands down her back, giving her buttocks a firm squeeze.

She mewled out a tiny protest beneath him. The danger of taking a spanking with just a thin door between her and her staff titillating. Maybe it was the trust that he wouldn't do it, or the risk that maybe this time she had pushed him too far. She wasn't sure why, but the thought of it was making her wet.

Sam is a classically trained chef. She runs her kitchen like a well-oiled machine, and steam rolls anyone who gets in the way of that. She likes to be in control and has a hard time adjusting when she can't be.

Ryan is her husband and partner. As the manager of the restaurant they own, he tries to ensure that his wife is not over working herself and not blowing up at their employees.

They're trying to find a balance in life, love, and cooking. It just might take a little discipline.

This book includes themes of domestic discipline, spankings, graphic sex, anal play, and more. If any of this subject matter offends you, please do not purchase this book.

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